La Peñita Quad Squad Rides the Copper Canyon

Some people dream about their retirement and some people live their retirement. The quading group in the La Peñita RV Park live their retirement.

What started out with just four or five quads in the RV park years ago has expanded to over 20 quads plus UTVs. Our adventures have taken us on day trips around our area to overnight trips throughout Mexico. I am sure residents of La Peñita have seen one or two of us traveling through town many times but have never known that we also go on these extensive trips throughout Mexico. In fact, in just two years the average quad/UTV owner in our group has put over 500 miles on their ATV/UTV. What started out as a quick ride down the beach has turned into full days in the mountains and trips to many great towns and areas of Mexico south of Puerto Vallarta and even a trip from Guadalajara when we did the Mexican version of the Vallatarzo.

To expand our travels, our thoughts brought us to the idea of quading in the Copper Canyon of Mexico. The first thing was to hire a guia, as this is a very extensive area to travel without good direction. Mostly our GPS is used, but this time we had lots of area that was not marked. Heading north and after parking our rigs in El Fuerte we met up with our experienced guia, Cesar.

Our adventure began in the early morning to travel out of El Fuerte on the highway only to find ourselves off road soon. Batopilas was to be our first destination. The roadways were dry and dusty but the scenery was amazing every inch of the roadway! We crossed rivers and went up hills… we would wave to the locals, and the even the children were excited to see us in our traveling machines.

As we would stop, we would just be in amazement as to the heights we were at… at times we were as high as 8,000 feet!

During our 4-day trip our stops were in Guachochi, Euroique and Choix. Each town greeted us with open arms and respect as we came roaring into their quiet little towns. Some days we ate dust ’til dawn, but a hot shower at the end of the day always made it better. Each night our quads were safely put to bed with tons of dust and dirt. As we put our heads down on our pillows we could only be in awe over our day’s travels.

Fueling up was always a challenge but we always found gasolina! And then on the road to more amazing sites! But like all types of trips there are always situations that one has no control… but like all situations, the Mexicans always came to the rescue and got us all back on the road.

Our guia, Cesar, was always there for us and allowed us to experience an adventure that none of us will ever forget… and will talk about for years. Thank you Cesar for a safe trip and for your friendship.

As we all have been traveling back to our homes, we can only be thinking of our next adventure in Mexico. What a great county. See you soon Mexico… for our next adventure.

by Shirley Lewis
La Peñita RV Park Quad Squad

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    Hi and glad to relive the Copper Canyon trip with you! I was there several years ago and loved it tooo much.. Thought I was in wonderland for sure. We went from Creel on a bus to the bottom, Batopilas and stayed three nites... It was totally awesome..Then traveled on to Los Mochas where I found out my little granddaughter,Mhali, had been born in Africa.. That was 15 years omg this brings back lots of fabulous memories...If you have not done the CC do yourself a favor and give yourself that gift...

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    Is there any concern about global climate change? Do any of you have grandchildren? Any concerns about the world you're leaving for them? Just askin'...

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    You have seen and been places that some can only dream of but we can share in through your camera lens and well written blog. It was great to see the raw Mexico and even some familiar faces. It was wonderful to meet you all and to see you live out your dream. In the words of Steven Curtis Chapman "This is the great adventure"

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    Wow...George and guys know how to do it!

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    Shirley...Thanks for putting into words what a wonderful experience we had on our ride. For me it was the highlight of our time in Mexico. Good pictures too!

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    What a wanderful experience. Thanks for sharing. Way to go Donna and George! I would love to see more pictures. My grandmother was born in the first place you arrived, Batopilas. I have never been there and now I want to go in a trip just like you did. Sounds like fun! Congratulations to the whole group. :)

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