The work on the new malecón in La Peñita has been progressing, albeit not as quickly nor as timely as was originally promised.

Tearing up the two one-way streets leading down to the beach and back has taken a lot longer than at first thought. All of the fresh water lines as well as the sewer lines have been removed and replaced and preparation for the repaving of the streets has begun.

The area dedicated to the malecón is being prepared by moving most of the sand towards the waterline. Footings are being dug, formed and poured with concrete. See photos below.

In speaking with the project superintendent on Friday, he told me that they are hoping for completion in 1-2 months. Keep in mind that this is Mexico and delays do occur.

No one has been more impacted by the construction than Las Brisas and El Rincón de Arabe restaurants. Your continued support and patronage will help them weather this ongoing storm. Both have remained open during this ordeal. Hinde y Jaime’s restaurant was also affected, but getting there is relatively easy in comparison to the other two.

Hala’s Hammock store was difficult to traverse to, but most managed to climb over the obstacles to get there as well.

As you can see in this photo, the streets have been compacted and are waiting for the next layers prior to installing the pavers.

Here is another reason for the slow progress… high tide.

After filling the forms with concrete, large rocks are dropped in to strengthen the footings.

The latest word on the length of the malecón is that it will be approximately 200 meters long. That’s down from the original plan of 300+ meters.

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