KinderAide Volunteers Return

My first day back to school was great! I arrived with a car load of donations. The teacher at Jardin de Niños: Luis Pasteur in La Peñita, was thrilled with the posters, note books, paint and brushes, dry erase markers and erasers and more!

Some of the children remembered me and yelled “maestra de Inglés!” and ran to me, wrapping their tiny arms around my legs.

I was delighted to see my little assistant Anihee there to help me again this year. She’s all of 11 but lived in California so speaks English and Spanish perfectly. We started class with puppet greetings, numbers 1 to 10 and basic colours.

It was then that I introduced a beach ball handout and new pencil boxes with supplies for each student. Each box contained a pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, glue stick, crayons and blunt nosed scissors.

For some of these children, this is the first box of crayons that they have owned. They were amazed that there were 24 in each box! One little girl arranged and rearranged her new crayons. Others, chose to keep them in their original boxes. We ended class with a loud rendition of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and my hour was over. What a joy! How I’ve missed them.

About KinderAide: KinderAide was established in January of 2011 by Jane Fellows. It is an independent, non-profit group of volunteers whose primary goal is to help children attending kinder schools in La Peñita in their quest to learn English, with the assistance of volunteer teachers and donated school supplies. To learn more, visit the KinderAide community website.

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