On February 18th, Jane Fellows (Miller) had the pleasure of meeting with the government official from Compostela, the mayor of La Peñita and the head of the local school district. These three gentlemen were invited and attended the inauguration of KinderAide’s first school to be built from the ground up. It is located on Calle Michocan, in the Reserva de Palmar area of La Colonia, in La Peñita.

Lauron's Kinder Inauguration 1

A few short weeks after the inauguration at Jardin de Niños: Lauron’s, Freddy Ruiz Sanchez, friend and contractor to KinderAide, and I found a school in Piedra Bola (behind Los Rosas) in La Peñita, that was in appalling condition. So terrible, we wouldn’t know where to begin to rebuild it. We promised to return the next day with donated school supplies and asked for the parents to come, so we could determine who owned this land. To our surprise, many adults were there (even grandparents of the students) and the town Mayor, as well as Pedro from the Ranchero de Geronimo, at the crest of the hill. Pedro had a town plan and signed over a proposed property for a new school. We all then walked the rutted road to the new site. Building began immediately with KinderAide cash donations. Fundraisers at Alicia’s Restaurant in Rincón de Guayabitos were quickly planned, with donated (awesome) music from two gringo bands (that are my friends). The hat was passed and much needed cash donations were received (thank you all). And the Margarita Challenge also donated a whopping $20,000 pesos, but it was still not enough to build the school.

I asked Freddy to see if he could contact any of the officials that had attended Lauron’s inauguration and explain the situation. Freddy contacted Baltazar Uzura, the Compostela Representative, and called me at 7:30am one morning and said, “I’m coming right over with Baltazar.” After that ‘jump start’ to the day and a quick clean up, they arrived. We sat at our dining room table, and with Freddy’s translating skills, I communicated our need for government aide. Baltazar stated that some papers needed to be filed in Compostela, which he would look after. He agreed to help the two schools, by putting a 4-foot brick wall around Lauron’s to keep the children safe, and to provide funding to complete Marcelo’s in Piedra Bola.

Last Saturday, the parents and grandparents met to clear the brush from the site and to dig a 50-meter trench to bring the water to the school.

KinderAide Piedra Bola 1
The bathroom for Marcelo will be built near this corner. At the crest of the hill, is Pedro’s Ranchero for those adventurer’s that need a point of reference.


KinderAide Piedra Bola 2
Parging at Marcelo is almost complete, and painting will begin soon.

Learn more about the new kinder school being built at Piedra Bola.

KinderAide Baltazar Uzura 1
Freddy Ruiz Sanchez, Baltazar Uzura and Jane Fellows.

In addition, Baltazar informed me that KinderAide would be getting a government Award of Recognition for what we have accomplished together with YOUR generous donations to our community.movie 47 Meters Down 2017 download

Respectfully submitted by Jane Fellows (Miller)

Kinderaide LogoAbout KinderAide: KinderAide was established in January of 2011 by Jane Fellows (Miller). It is an independent, non-profit group of volunteers whose primary goal is to help children attending kinder schools in La Peñita in their quest to learn English, with the assistance of volunteer teachers and donated school supplies. To learn more or to make a donation, visit the KinderAide community website.