My KinderAide Experience: Part 4

Hi my name is Renie. My husband and I are from BC and have been coming to La Peñita for about 5 years and love it. Since the first year we came, we have always brought clothes and school supplies with us. We take them up to small villages and we can see the smiles on everyone. About 2-3 years ago, a neighbor asked us to donate some money to cement a kindergarten school, we did and we also went to help paint it. At the time, it was dirt floors and only a pail and curtain for a washroom, no light. It was pretty bad. I was lucky enough to find out about it and volunteered to teach an English class. It was at the same school we had already helped out. The school has now moved to a new location which was built and donated by Los Amigos. It is wonderful. There are windows, a washroom and power, but they still rely on donated supplies. The children are so eager to learn. It is soooooo very rewarding. The school is in such need of donations and would appreciate any and all.

Written by Renie Kusters

About KinderAide: KinderAide was established in January of 2011 by Jane Fellows. It is an independent, non-profit group of volunteers whose primary goal is to help children attending kinder schools in La Peñita in their quest to learn English, with the assistance of volunteer teachers and donated school supplies. To learn more, visit the KinderAide community webpage.

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