June marks the beginning of the dizzyingly hot weather with temperatures often rising above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32°C) in the shade. However, the heat of June is not that uncomfortable, as the humidity is nowhere near the levels experienced in August and September. The days are for the most part hot and dry, and because the increase in the humidity is gradual, you become somewhat accustomed to it. The small amount of discomfort experienced due to the higher humidity levels is felt most keenly during the early morning and evening hours, and easily mitigated by a whirring ceiling fan, which is all that is required to provide a welcome respite from the heat. The rest of the day, the weather is ideal; warm and sunny, and not too hot, especially if you center your daily activities on one of the many local beaches. In fact, the weather is near perfect for folks enjoying a week’s vacation.

A Dusty Paradise Full of Hidden Treasures and Tropical Delights
Begins to Expose its Beauty

Beginning in June, Jaltemba Bay life is transformed back to its original true self. The entire Bay relaxes, having survived the onslaught of all those gringos and their many fiestas and associated activities. Finally the native communities return to their natural and” “uniquely Mexican” way of life. The pace is slower, the heartbeat drops a few beats, and you can almost feel the joy of life return to the people.

Those restaurants that remain open in June are the traditional Mexican or at the very least, run by expats full of Mexican spirit, and isn’t that why most of us came here in the first place? Sure “north of the border” treats are increasingly challenging to find, and you will discover that many of the local stores have restocked their ice cream coolers with beer, and that the few remaining available cartons of ice cream have been delegated to some remote hiding spot in the store. But hey, this is Mexico, and if you have always wanted to experience true, small town Mexico, this is it! The market in La Penita is totally geared to serving the Mexican locals and you will find there is ample space to stroll about and peruse the unique wares available for sale. Visit the market in June to enjoy a truly Mexican shopping experience.

Yet another great reason to visit Jaltemba Bay during June… The local beaches are quiet on weekdays, and the opportunity to experience beaches like Playa del Beso and nearby treasures like Playa Boca de Narajano and Playas Las Cuevas in total seclusion, are good. If you choose to explore other hidden gems found in the backcountry of the Jaltemba Bay area, you will find the route less-traveled and the experience serene.

But wait; there are more exciting things to experience in Jaltemba Bay at this time of year! For instance, with June comes the striking beauty of the rich new life that began emerging in April and May.

Spring has sprung and the newly emerging green, in all its myriad of shades, finally returns to the countryside beginning with the beautiful new growth seen on the Huanacaxtle trees in full bloom throughout Jaltemba Bay. Their brilliant green foliage provides a welcoming shady respite from the hot, tropical sun. The vistas in June are indeed lovely and filled with brilliant shades of pink, yellow, gold, red, green and innumerable shades of brown (plants and shrubs which appear as though they are in their final throes of death, but in reality are simply biding their time and preparing to spring to life after the first rainfall.) Despite the fact that seemingly everything is coated in a thick layer of dust, and even though the first heavy, tropical rains are probably a month away, the surrounding hillsides begin to take on a decidedly lush appearance. The vista is of a hundred shades of green, accented with the brilliant reds, yellows and pinks of the blossoming flower trees, and the colorful fruits of the mango, papaya, guanabana, banana and yucca trees.

The ripening fruits are the main attraction to the many tropical birds and the more exotic species of birds commonly seen in June including the magnificent black-throated magpie jay, green parrotlets, kingfishers, vermillion flycatchers and the notably charming and affable pale-billed woodpeckers. Flocks of flying black-bellied whistling ducks will no doubt enchant you as they soar through the soft morning sky and flit about the tops of the tall palms in Jaltemba Bay. These nocturnal, gregarious but monogamous birds have black bellies, orange bills and long legs that end in splendid pink feet. Experience the unique and raucous cry of the brown Mexican chachalacas heard every morning and afternoon throughout Jaltemba Bay. These unique, clumsy birds are found in abundance, but hard to spot because they sit perched in the tops of the tallest trees, well hidden behind the foliage.

You are likely to spot a few exotic green iguanas and the less handsome but equally exotic grey iguana lazing about on the rooftops of the local homes while taking in the afternoon sun. If it rains heavily, you may experience being awakened by the sound of a thousand tree frogs singing. Okay, frogs, even tree frogs really ribbet but the melody of their voices is uniquely beautiful. In June, you will also experience the pleasure of listening to the screech of the multitudes of cicadas; the local rain bugs whose song is created by rubbing their legs together just to let the world know that the first heavy rains are soon to arrive. Butterflies of every imaginable color and color combination flit through the skies and amongst the profusion of flowers now in full bloom. The skies come alive with a multitude of dragonflies, which have a unique beauty of their own, and come in fashionable black, red and blue.

The tropical blue skies of June seem richer than Mother Nature’s finest work, and the sunsets take on a vivid, pink, blue and red coloring that begs to be painted, photographed or simply enjoyed with a cool drink at the end of the day!

June in Jaltemba Bay… Sizzling hot, tropical and sultry… Warm ocean waters and glorious sunsets… Rich exotic flora and fauna… peace and solitude… A genuine and true small town Mexico experience… Countless deserted beaches… Some might say that June is indeed the perfect time to visit Jaltemba Bay.

I hope you agree, and decide to linger a while!

by Christina Stobbs • Updated June 2, 2013

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