Earlier today, the last of the panels were transported up the hill to the new Hilltop Refugio in La Peñita. When completed, these stables will be home for the J.E.E.P. rescue horses. And as you can see we had lots of help.

It was indeed an exciting day for everyone involved. It was hot and dirty, but no one complained; just a lot of helping hands doing what needed to be done. It was very well organized from beginning to end. Some of our crew included guests staying at Los Compadres Resort, a couple of local residents and of course, the J.E.E.P. team. John took control of the pick (I am sure he didn’t have to fight over it) and George was ready with the shovel in case he needed it. Rob, Dale, Jim, Ron, Brad, Dan, Carlos and Ramon were there to help as well. These are just some of the volunteers who have been enthusiastic to help give our little herd a home.

I know that Canelo, Billy Biscuit, Peso, Shadow, Hermosa and Alma appreciate all that is being done for them, and they will show it over and over again as time goes by.

From them to all of you… THANK YOU FOR CARING!

Written by the J.E.E.P. Team
Photos by Rob Erickson

About Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.): Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) was established in December 2012 by George & Loretta Leavitt to help large animals like horses, donkeys and mules who are ill, malnourished or being mistreated in Jaltemba Bay, Nayarit, Mexico. To learn more, visit the Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) community webpage. You can make a donation there as well.