The JBAR “Paws for the Cause” fundraiser held on Sunday, December 8 in La Peñita was a tail-wagging success both in terms of attendance and financial support. Upon entering, attendees received a lei and glass of freshly made Agua de Piña to get them into the Aloha spirit. Many dogs and their owners dressed in grass skirts, flowered shirts and other costumes to celebrate the Hawaiian-themed event. Everyone enjoyed the games, pet parade, getting their photos taken, and of course the hysterical Yippi Show performed by Sarah and Dave (shown above).

The funds raised during the 3-hour event were impressive to say the least – $18,971 pesos from admission, drinks and other donations; $10,150 pesos from the Silent Auction and $2,560 pesos from the 50/50 draw which was donated back to JBAR by Janice Vye – bringing the grand total to $31,681 pesos!

“A GRAND AMOUNT!” says Sarah Walker who organizes and financially sponsors the event every year. For this particular event, each of the committee members sponsored part of the event purchases to help cover the costs.

Paws for the Cause 2013 2
Sarah leads the Pet Parade.

Paws for the Cause 2013 9
Playing musical chairs with the pups.

Paws for the Cause 2013 5  Paws for the Cause 2013 4
Dogs and their owners came dressed for the event which was held in the beautiful garden at Hacienda La Peñita.

Paws for the Cause 2013 6
Sarai and Antonia who helped serve the food and drinks during the event.

Paws for the Cause 2013 3  Paws for the Cause 2013 8  Paws for the Cause 2013 7
Paws for the Cause 2013 12
Paws for the Cause 2013 11  Paws for the Cause 2013 10
Thanks to Melanie at Beach Dog Boarding & Salon (shown bottom left), who once again donated her time and talent to take photos of pets and their owners.

Sarah Walker would like to express her sincere thanks…

Thanks to our GREAT COMMITTEE for all your wonderful work, generosity of support and follow through. What a huge success. You all are the BEST…

Dianne B., Hilary, Carol and David, Dave and Jean, Sheila and vet from Vancouver Island, Tara, Debra and Joy, Deb T., Colleen and John, Nelly and Ernesto, Ally and David, Daniel and Sophia and Julieta, Pat, Melanie at Beach Dog Boarding & Salon, Kathleen, Brian and Carol, Antonia and Sarai, Janice and Larry, Rob and Heather, Rod, Zirra Ice Factory. THANKS TO YOU ALL… and anyone I forgot to mention.

A sincere thank you to everyone who donated to the Silent Auction and brought down tickets, leis and grass skirts. There were many of you… THANK YOU!

A Big THANK YOU to all that came with and without dogs. I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL TIME.

And above all… a special THANK YOU to THOMAS BARTLETT for the use of his beautiful Hacienda La Peñita, and Fernando and Antonia who make it look that way!

Sarah Walker Victor Victoria Mug

A special thanks to Janice and her husband Larry who adopted Carlie and have given so many supplies to JBAR. Janice also gave me the mug above of Victor and Victoria who now live in wonderful homes in the greater Vancouver area. Neither were expected to live when they came into my care in April of last year… and this is why we do what we do!

As Sarah Walker always says… “If you save one dog… you won’t save the world… But to that one dog… it’s world is changed forever.”

The dogs, Yippi and Dave THANK YOU!