A few JBAR team members made the trip to Las Varas this week to help with the second JBAR Spay & Neuter Clinic of the season. While this particular clinic was organized by JBAR, it was sponsored and financially funded by Dr. Carla Bell from Saseenos Veterinary Services of Sooke, BC. It was an interesting change for the northern team to see another small town clinic underway.

This year, local Las Varas medico Dra. Mari again coordinated this clinic with the help of Las Varas vet Dr. Hildegardo. Rather than holding the clinic in the abandoned jail like we did last year, we moved into a much smaller office space used by the Modulo de Salud doctors. Their old wooden desk and old exam tables, complete with stirrups, were pushed against the wall to provide space for the large prep table and three OR surgery tables. On Wednesday, Dr. Carla Bell from Sooke, BC and Dr. Malcolm Macartney from Victoria, BC joined the Pets For Life vets Dr. Anthony and Dr. Poly to allow four OR tables (including the improvised OR table with stirrups) to be underway at one time, to provide a total of 32 surgeries for the day. This was quite an accomplishment for Paulina’s prep table to keep up with demand!

JBAR Las Varas 01
Thanks to Dr. Carla Bell of Saseenos Veterinary Services in Sooke, BC for sponsoring the past two JBAR Clinics in Las Varas.

JBAR Las Varas 02
Dr. Poly getting ready for the first cats, always the first animals on the OR tables each day.

JBAR Las Varas 03
Dr. Hildegardo assists Dr. Anthony.

JBAR Las Varas 04
Local vet Dr. Jorge dropped by on Thursday and assists Dr. Poly with a difficult surgery.

JBAR Las Varas 05
Another Chihuahua is ready for a tattoo before heading off to the recovery table.

Dr. Carla Bell of Saseenos Veterinary Services of Sooke, BC has sponsored two Las Varas clinics now, so this was a great chance for her to meet the local team and work at her clinic. On Thursday and Friday, we were back to Dr. Anthony and Dr. Poly on the surgery tables and Paulina on the prep table, with Dra. Mari and Dr. Hildegardo handling check-in and answering questions for the locals. Seven JBAR volunteers helped on Thursday to provide 30 surgeries and five JBAR volunteers helped on Friday. With a total of 10 people working on Friday, we still performed 31 surgeries. The total count was 108 surgeries.

JBAR Las Varas 06
Another dog ready to go home (note the plastic crate for the ride home).

JBAR Las Varas 07
Tasty dried mango snack bags for the grateful volunteers.

JBAR Las Varas 08
Tosia with an anxious puppy.

As with past Las Varas clinics, the locals brought their own animals to the clinic. Many locals stayed at the clinic in concern for their pets, so they were introduced to the process, helping with pre-op animals and on the recovery tables as their pets were coming out of the effects of anesthetics. Local families and businesses provide meals and snacks. One lady was so grateful for our service she brought many gift bags of dried mango snacks for us. Of course on Friday, after the last animal was off of the Recovery Table, the team put together another batch of Agua Chile (not quite as picante this time!).

JBAR Las Varas 09
Paulina, Dr. Poly, Dr. Carla Bell and Dr. Malcolm Macartney having a little fun after the clinic.

by Rob Erickson

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