JBAR Adoption Stories: Week 3

May is National Pet Month. To celebrate, we have asked our readers to submit photos and short stories about the pets they have adopted from Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR). We are sharing these stories during the month of May.  This issue features four more stories about well-loved adopted pets from our area. (This photo captures Taco as a pup. You can read his story below.)


When I was volunteering with JBAR last November, I was lucky enough to meet “Camino”, a small anemic puppy Celia had found in a ditch. I just had to take her home with me. After treating her for parasites the anemia went away and she became pink as the blood flowed through to her ears, paws, and gums. Thus, she truly grew into her new name, “Pinkee”. I have never seen a happier dog who loves her name so much! She is so delightful and wants to play with everyone (no matter their size), and will walk a half block on her hind legs to greet you!  Surprising, she seemed to not be bothered by the winter weather. I am looking forward to seeing her discover our summer with walks on our beaches and trails in Victoria, BC. Attached are 2 pics – the first is right after she arrived in Canada and the second is with her pack – look how much bigger she is!

Sandee Legh
Victoria, BC


Here is the story of the dog we rescued in February. We did not adopt her from the JBAR shelter; however JBAR assisted us with many things. We named her Carmelita. We happened upon 4 dogs in December that were owned by a poor Mexican family living on the Beach in La Colonia. Upon noticing how thin they were, as well as no water or food in sight. I contacted my neighbour Donna who has been involved with JBAR. Donna brought out medicine and food, and I began feeding the dogs on a daily basis, with the permission of the owner. JBAR arranged to have the 4 females spayed and administered tick and flea medication.

However by February, Carmelita had still not gained any weight. As well, the owner refused to lengthen her rope. She was tied to a tree with about 3 ft. of rope. Her nails were over an inch long from never walking about and she was a bag of bones basically from being malnourished. I felt I just could not leave her like this as I told her every time I came with food that I would get her out of this place. I finally gave the owner some money to let me have her, and she traveled home to Canada with us in a tight spot behind the passenger seat (all the room we had).

She never left my side for the first two weeks we had her. She took awhile to run properly, and to do stairs and jump up on things. Unfortunately she has a cataract in one eye, which we noticed after we brought her home. Research indicates that malnourished young dogs can develop cataracts. We will be looking into what would be involved here to have that repaired. We owe a lot to JBAR for assisting us in feeding, spaying and doing the blood tests for the tick disease. All I basically paid for was the tick penicillin medication, a month of antibiotics was necessary and all her vaccination shots and some vitamin injections to help her gain weight. Today Carmelita is happy and has gained over 20 lbs. Previously she didn’t have a lot of hair due to her poor condition and what she did have was dry and lifeless. Her coat has turned over and she now has a healthy thick soft as silk coat and the hair has even returned over the rope burns on her front legs. Her quirks are chasing shadows, chasing light beams from rings or watches, and flies. These things must have been all she basically saw in her small area. She also lies on her back and plays with her feet. These are before and after pictures of Carmelita.

Thank you,
Debra and Bill
, BC


This is my little Molé – rescued by JBAR and Mexi-Can Pet Project. I first saw this little pup at McKenzie Vet in Victoria, BC. The nutritionist called me at home – there were some rescue dogs in town and she knew I was looking for another dog to add to our family. Thinking one of the terrier crosses would fit well, she invited me in but I happened to see this little lab, whippet, terrier, something in the back of the clinic. I think it was love at first sight – this little pup gave me a tentative sniff and laid her head on my hand through the cage. Little Molé (then called Princessa) was pretty beat up when she came to Canada – she had suffered through being hit by a car leaving her back hip broken and a terrible limp, ringworm, tape worm, ticks, mites, a strange cough and was malnourished. She would need surgery and some tests to see if she was positive for Lyme disease but her soft little muzzle on my hand sealed the deal – this was my dog – she had just been waiting for me to find her.

And we fast forward almost 6 months later and Molé has had a pretty exciting few months. She had surgery in November and was running at the dog park like a maniac a short time later, we welcomed her with a very busy Christmas where she was very spoiled with lots of treats and toys. 14 pounds added and still growing, Molé spends her morning playing with her dog friends at the beach, the afternoon in front of the fire place, the evenings with her family and sleeps under the covers with her special human, our eldest child. We decided her 1st birthday would be Easter Sunday which was celebrated by a house full of friends and Molé’s special dog friends.

It hasn’t always been easy but when is owning a pet ever easy? She was terribly frightened by boots, people in hats, people carrying sticks; she would bolt when she saw large dogs and cringe at loud noises but as she has gained confidence and realized her new family would do anything to keep her safe, she has learned big boots usually mean a walk to the beach, a hat keeps the walker dry which means more time the beach, a stick in a hand means she gets to play her favourite game of fetch, large dogs are now her buddies and very fun to chase and those loud noises? No problem. Some added puppy classes helped Molé (and us!) to settle in much easier than expected.

Every day we wake up to this crazy little dog jumping on us reminding us it’s a new day, there are new people for her to meet and love her, lots of gross things to roll in at the beach, treats to be found and we should get up and get her breakfast And at night, when the house is quiet, and everyone has gone to bed but she and I, she will lay her little head on my hand and looks up at me with those huge brown eyes I think she is saying thank you and that she loves me as much as I love her. And I am thankful once again someone cared enough, in a city far away, to search for these lost animals that just want to have a family to call their own.

Pamela, BC


Señor Taco el Valiente, which translates to Sir Taco the Brave, has earned his name and has clearly shown his will to live. When Taco was brought into the clinic back in March 2009, he had been beaten, was extremely thin and weak, covered in ticks, had internal parasites and a minor case of mange, and was severely anemic from Ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease. After a blood transfusion (from a Rottweiler no less); overcoming seizures; months of antibiotics, liquid vitamins, and a special diet; and lots of tender loving care (and sleepless nights for his parents), Taco has made a miraculous recovery and is now the picture of health. He is one of the lucky ones. The photo on the right includes Panchito, who was rescued from the Puerto Vallarta area earlier this season. You can also read about Panchito here.

Editor’s Note: This snippet comes from Allyson’s story about volunteering with Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue entitled “From A Volunteer’s Perspective”. To read the entire story which was published last April, click here.

Allyson Williams
Proud JBAR Volunteer and Mom to two amazing Mexican rescue pups!
Rincon de Guayabitos, Mexico and St. Paul, Minnesota

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    Fiancé and I are moving to Mexico. I have done small dog rescue, greyhound rescue, Airedale, welsh terrier, pittbull rescue and Tibetan terrier and hairless dog rescue since 1970. We are looking for somewhere to live and want to help anyway we can. Need food hauled from the states, rescue, foster parent etc. At this point trying to be there by Jan one as permanent resident. We are excited to help. Just need a place to live for the two of us and our two dogs. Well help you!! If you hear of anywhere to live, we would be happy.

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