JBAR Adoption Stories: Week 2

May is National Pet Month. To celebrate, we have asked our readers to submit photos and short stories about the pets they have adopted from Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR). We are sharing these stories during the month of May. This week, we are featuring two of Sarah Walker’s dogs. Sarah is a familiar face to the JBAR organization. The dogs featured here are two of many animals that have benefited from her love and dedication.


This beautiful fellow was left to die in a pool of blood in front of the Telmex office in Bucerias. He couldn’t walk so had to be carried and helped to walk. Rescued by me and treated by my vet Marianna in Nuevo Vallarta, his leg was tended to 5-6 times a day for 6 weeks before the gaping wound healed. What a great dog he has become. Telmex, now TEX, is with a loving couple in Victoria BC and has a big sister Nikimo that he runs and play with daily, Thank you to Natasha and Jamie for adopting him!

Sarah Walker
La Penita

Hello Sarah and your 6 furry kids. Tex, Nikomi, Jamie and I are doing very well. Tex got to meet my family this past two weeks. My mother and sister live in Newfoundland and they flew to visit me for two weeks. They are gone now, but the visit was lovely. They absolutely love Tex! Well everybody loves him, and so they should, he is an amazing little guy. He is always so happy when I get home from work jumps all about it is just so heart warming. Nikomi and him are becoming more like brother and sister everyday. Tex likes to get her going and they play so nice together. I have another video I will send of them playing together.

Jamie and I are so blessed that Tex has come into our lives! He makes everyday that much more enjoyable. We will love him forever. And we are so incredibly happy that he is ours!

When we went to pick out a dog out of the 7 rescues that were brought back from Mexico, I immediately fell in love with Tex. His little sweet face sitting behind that cage just broke my heart. And I knew as soon as we made eye contact that he was mine. They let me play with him while we were there and he gave me so much love and kisses I knew it was meant to be! I took him home with me that same day and never looked back. We felt a bond right away and I will truly love him forever.

Tex loves everybody, but he especially loves women… I think this is because of you, you saved his life. And I am so grateful to you forever because of this. Keep rescuing dogs, and doing what you do. If it wasn’t for you I would not have Tex and Tex might not have a life… you are amazing and wonderful and I wish there were more people in the world like you!

Tash, Jamie, Nikomi and Tex
Victoria, BC


This is little Floracita. She was terribly sick when she was found abandoned in the residential area of Guayabitos. Up all night giving her fluids to keep her kidneys and liver functioning, I rushed her at dawn to Dr. Francisco Aguilar in PV, where he and his wonderful team kept her for 4 days on IVs. Surviving against all odds with the help of 5 other rescued puppies and THE 6 doggies that live on the property all the time, Floracita finally began to gain some weight and was then able to have the energy to play.

Full grown, healthy, happy and very playful (that is my sandal she is eating) she has been adopted by “John from Alaska” who understands how special she is. She will travel with him north as well as return to the PV area in the winters.

As the person that rescued these two puppies, TelMex and Floracita, my heart is so very very happy for them. They fought hard to live. And NOW because of wonderful people that have adopted them, they will go on to have lives that they TRULY deserve. My Reward is knowing that there are people that will give them homes like this. As hard as it is to give them up, I will do my best to save them. I already have 6. So please open your heart to a dog or cat that will love you more deeply than you can know. You are saving their life!

Sarah Walker
La Penita

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    What a heart warming story on tex . thanks to you for caring for these little helpless furry friends down in guayabitos .i've been down to rincon for the past 2 winters & i feel really sorry for some of those little doggies down there that i have seen .so thin & seems as if they have no where to go home to . thanks for the newsletter & you guys are doing a good job .congratulations to all of you .. always looking forward to the next newsletter ..

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