May is National Pet Month. To celebrate, we have asked our readers to submit photos and short stories about the pets they have adopted from Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR). If you would like to submit your story, email it to We will share your stories every other week during the month of May. (Note: Submissions must be received by May 6. Photos (2 max) may have to be cropped to fit within the confines of the newsletter.)

Here are the stories and photographs we received this week…

Machu and Orange Peel

This is Machu and Orange Peel (shown above). We do have one more rescue dog, Temba, but she came directly from the beach, not via JBAR. Bruce and I adopted Machu and Orange Peel at the November 2008 Clinic.

Machu has, at times, been a bit of a challenge. We have always had larger dogs. I had never considered having such a stubby-legged, little low-rider before, but he is brimming over with character and smart as a whip. He charms just about everyone, as patrons of area restaurants will attest. The high point of his day comes early in the morning, when we cut him lose to run the beach and wrestle with his much larger buddies.

Orange Peel arrived at the Spay and Neuter Clinic, lactating, uncomfortably full of milk, and minus her kittens. There also happened to be a tiny, orphaned, nearly newborn puppy there. Some people have photos of Miriam with the cat and the pup in her lap; the puppy getting a much needed belly full.

Visitors at our house are sometimes surprised to catch a glimpse of Orange Peel, not even knowing that we have a cat. She has been a very easy keeper. She is too fat to jump up on the kitchen counters and content with her one piece of furniture, a chair in my studio. She stirs only to walk to her food bowl. If she finds her bowl empty, she goes to the dog bowls and seems to especially like doing so, if they are already there chowing down. The dogs back away immediately: they give her a wide berth.

The JBAR Shelter always has a good supply of kittens and puppies as well as mature animals, eager for a loving home. Please don’t breed your dogs here. JBAR is trying hard to place the homeless. Be a responsible person, have your pets spayed or neutered and please encourage your neighbors to do the same.

Tom Plattenberger
Jaltemba Bay


Our JBAR pet story involves both an end and then a new beginning. We had our Siamese cat Dooley for 20.5 years. We believe that by living his last 6 winters in Jaltemba Bay that he extended his life. He was quite healthy until 2 weeks before the end. The end came at Brian and Carole’s Little Rig Park – Rob spent a month there before our construction site was habitable. Dooley was the best cat ever…or was he? Yet to know.

We heard about Mayo from Charlie and Rose Miller in Guayabitos in January 2011. His survival skills let him show up at their old cat’s dish, much to the disgust of the older cat. His whiskers and nose were burnt so we assumed he was feeding under a local taco cart. There was no sign of siblings or his mother. He was about the size of the palm of my hand. Tiny little pink and white kitten in rough shape – burnt whiskers, fleas and ticks that Rose had already treated. Pobracita (we thought). We named her Maya. Anyways, they gave us a beer to take the kitten. He is now our little travelling companion cinco de MAYO. He fetches like a border collie and loves the hammock – turns out he was a boy. We are very active with JBAR clinics so took quite a bit of flack over this. We love Mayo except at 4:00 in the morning when he brings his ball to bed and wants to play fetch. He isn’t Siamese – he recently met numerous gophers in Oregon and didn’t even try to kill one of them. Dooley would have had corpses everywhere at that site – Farewell Bend.

Heather and Rob Erickson
Campbell River, BC

How You Can Help

Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue does so much for our community. In addition to holding 2-3 free spay and neuter clinics each year, they continue to rescue sick and injured street animals, spay and neuter street animals, plus they care for, feed and treat numerous animals in their La Colonia shelter year round. If you would like to make a donation so they can continue their good work, please visit the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) webpage. Just click the PayPal button to help!