Jaltemba, the juvenille Hawksbill turtle that divers rescued back in April, was successfully released this past Sunday, July 22 after surgery and months of rehabilitation. Before being released, she was fitted with a satellite transmitter. Jaltemba is the first turtle to receive a transmitter in the state of Nayarit, which will allow researchers to track her behavior and learn more about this endangered species. Hundreds of people gathered on the beach in Rincón de Guayabitos to witness her release. You can track her movements and current location on www.seaturtle.org.

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Here are photos of her incredible release…

Installing the transmitter

Jaltemba and her transmitter get lots of press coverage

The transmitter is attached and Jaltemba is ready to be released

Hundreds of people watch as Jaltemba heads for the ocean

Getting closer

Nearing the ocean

Jaltemba has finally made her way back into the Bahia de Jaltemba. Buena suerte Jaltemba!

Photos for this article courtesy of Catherine E. Hart of Red Tortuguera A.C. and Vida Silvestre Wildlife-Sinaloa CIIDIR-IPN.