Jaltemba Equine Education Project is Helping Local Cowboys and Word is Traveling Quickly

A few weeks ago, an elderly cowboy rode his horse up to Los Compadres Resort in La Peñita. He explained that he was out of work because of the drought and didn’t have enough money to feed his horse. George Leavitt, founder of Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.), is hearing this a lot lately.

Fortunately, word is traveling quickly about this new project. Locals are beginning to accept what J.E.E.P. is doing and some are reaching out for help. Horse owners are encouraged to work in exchange for the goods, services or knowledge they are asking for. In this particular case, the gentleman gladly offered to shoe one of the rescue horses in return for the bag of feed.

Hermosa’s new shoes after a few days of wear

Hermosa is feeling pretty in her new set of shoes!

Hermosa was curious and decided to sniff the camera during the photo shoot for this story.

About Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.): Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) was established in December 2012 by George & Loretta Leavitt to help large animals like horses, donkeys and mules who are ill, malnourished or being mistreated in Jaltemba Bay, Nayarit, Mexico. To learn more or to make a donation, visit Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.)

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    Oh... the story warms my heart.... Thank you one and all!

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    How great to see that not only one, but two of my favorite animals were helped in looking after this request. A big thanks to the people of J.E.E.P. and to the cowboy! When we work together, much is accomplished.

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