Rainy season, as it is most often referred to, lasts from June through late October. Most of the cooling rain occurs during the late afternoons and continues into the nights.

So far this month, we have only had 4 days of rain totaling 1.4 inches (29mm) compared to 11 days with 2.9 inches (74mm) in October 2011, which could be an indication that rainy season has basically come to an end.

There are many folks that suffer through the rainy season because of the high humidity associated with the almost daily rainfall. Humidity often reaches to 97-100% in the mornings as the sun comes out to warm up the day after the cooling rains from the night before.

The official Jaltemba Bay Life weather station is located close to the beach in Rincón de Guayabitos and gets the gentle cooling breezes off the ocean. Because of these breezes, recorded temperatures are often 5-10 degrees cooler than those experienced as little as one block further inland. For example, one day this past September when the weather station showed 91°F (33°C), the temperature gauge in my car read 107°F (42°C) as I was driving into La Peñita.

For all you weather buffs out there, here are some statistical comparisons for this year versus last year:

2012 – June-October 22

Total Rain Days:  78
Total Rainfall:  44.76” (1,137mm)
Highest Daily Rainfall:  8.15” (207mm) on August 22
Highest Daily Temperature:  91°F (33°C) on August 10

2011 – June-October

Total Rain Days:  91
Total Rainfall:  49″ (1,244mm)
Highest Daily Rainfall:  4.5” (114 mm) on August 8
Highest Daily Temperature:  92°F (34°C) on November 27

To view up-to-the-minute conditions and archival weather data, visit the Official Jaltemba Bay Life Weather Page.

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