Jaltemba Bay Life is Helping their Clients Make a BIGGER Statement on the Web

We, at Jaltemba Bay Life, want to help our advertisers make a bigger and better statement on the web – and our new enlarged slideshow photos, smaller watermarked logo and other recent improvements will do just that!

Last week, we introduced you to the NEW Long Term Rental category in our Hotel & Rental Directory. We also informed you about a new monthly rate option and sort feature to all rental category pages to make it easier and faster for potential renters to find what they’re looking for. If you missed it, you can learn more here.

Please note that these updates WILL affect your webpage!

We will be manually updating all advertiser’s webpages in the next few days, beginning with hotels and rentals. If we have not updated your webpage by Monday, May 12, please email Allyson@JaltembaBayLife.com

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1) BIGGER Client Photos

When it comes to photos, bigger is better! We have dramatically increased the size of our slideshow photos and designed a smaller watermark to help our clients promote their rental properties, products and services more effectively… and more beautifully.

These features were activated on Wednesday, May 7 and will affect all hotel, vacation rental, restaurants and business clients who use the slideshow (Java Script gallery) option on their webpage.

You can view examples of the old and new hotel/rental webpage layout here…

JBL Rental Changes 2dJBL Rental Changes 1d

And the old and new restaurant/business webpage layout here…

JBL Business Changes 2 JBL Business Changes 1

2) BETTER Contact Information and Location

We have moved the original Contact Box to the top of each webpage (for hotels/rentals) and completely redesigned it to make all of our clients’ contact information easier to read and their businesses easier to find.

We also redesigned the Submit Reservation Form to make it even easier for readers to contact our clients via email, as well as a few other programming changes to enhance the layout of our clients’ webpages.

Contact Box Feature 2b

You may also notice a “Visit website” link located in our new Contact Box (shown above), which allows a direct link to your existing rental/business website. Let us know if you are interested in this feature, as we will need to program it for you. Please note that if you include a link to any outside source within your webpage text (instead of using this link), it will be removed.

Advertisers: Make Sure YOUR Webpage is Up to Date

Please take a few minutes to carefully review your entire webpage (photos, contact information, description, rates, menu, hours, etc.) to make sure other changes are not required at this time.

Contact Information – We have had to manually update these fields for most of our clients, so please check your webpage(s) to make sure that we have entered the following correctly:

  • Owner’s Name (or manager’s name or other contact)
  • Address and Town Name
  • Phone Numbers (all applicable)
  • Room/Business Description (located under your business name in the new Contact Box)
  • Please also click the map link (View location on map) to make sure we have your business location marked correctly.

Photos – Please make sure all of your photos fit our new larger format.

  • If we did a photo shoot of your business, we are in the process of resizing and re-uploading those photos for you.
  • If you uploaded your own photos – and they are too small or still have our old watermark – you will need to resize and/or re-upload your photos yourself, or contact us for help.
  • For anyone interested, we are offering a free photo shoot, good until May 31. Contact us ASAP so we can get you on our schedule.

NEW Photo Guidelines – All NEW photos should be:

  • 4×6-inch HORIZONTAL format (no vertical photos please)
  • 700-800 pixels wide for best online viewing
  • Other sizes (5×7 and 8×10 horizontal) will work, but they will automatically be decreased to fit
  • If you don’t understand what all this means, just ask!

If you have other ideas to improve our website, let us know!

Advertisers: Please feel free to contact us with any questions… we are always here to help!

email: Allyson@JaltembaBayLife.com
phone: (327) 274-1150

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