Jaltemba Bay Life Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that we announced Jaltemba Bay Life back on November 22, 2010. Three years have past and our original goal remains the same – to share the wealth of information we’ve learned while living here, and more importantly, to share our incredible love for the Jaltemba Bay area.

We would like to thank everyone who uses our websites, subscribes to our newsletter and trusts us to promote their home, rental, business, restaurant and/or real estate. We will continue to work hard to keep you informed, entertained and to spread the word about local businesses and our community as a whole!

We also want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have submitted stories and photos for us to share in our newsletter during the past year. It is because of your participation that we can continue to offer this publication for FREE!


  • Rob & Heather Erickson
  • Ken & Bea Rauch
  • Sarah Walker
  • Christina Stobbs
  • John & Doreen Berg
  • Brian Betts
  • Dave Boroughs
  • Wendy DeBoer
  • Jesus Carranza Diaz
  • Dave Edwards
  • Bruce Johnstone
  • Darlene Jones
  • Shirley Lewis
  • Jo Lorimer
  • Lori Schneider Wood
  • and all of the community and event organizers!

Photo of the Week:

  • Tosia Archer
  • Dianna Belitski
  • Lyle Brown
  • Margaret Davidson
  • Hélène Fortier
  • Lilianne Fuller
  • Frank Gómez
  • Ken & Bea Rauch
  • Carole Sheaves

Recipe of the Week:

  • Ellaine Spivak

A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all!

If you enjoy the articles, photos and recipes that we share, please let our contributors know by posting below!

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6 Reviews on “Jaltemba Bay Life Celebrates 3rd Anniversary”

  1. :

    Thanks for this excellent source of informtation and contact with people 'on the ground'. It was helpful to me, and I felt like I had already been there when I first set foot in Jaltembay Bay. I still read the forum periodically and hope to visit again. Thanks David, Allison and all the contributing members!

  2. :

    Congratulations, David and Allyson, for all your hard work and contributions that continue to make Jaltemba Bay Life interesting, informative and useful. We all know what it takes to do something "right" and you continue to do what it takes, day after day. I wish you continued success. jj

  3. :

    Congratulations on your third birthday! Thank you for providing such an informative newsletter.We love all the articles and pictures submitted by your members. We look forward to receiving it, every week. It makes us wish away the time until we return every winter.

  4. :

    Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary. I look forward to each issue. It makes me feel like I am right there. Arriving January 3 and cannot wait to see all of our Mexican friends who are all so gracious and welcoming people.

  5. :

    I know I’ve said it before, but its so good to wake up, with coffee in hand, open my computer, and find your newsletter…..you do such a great job….your paper keeps my head and heart in Mexico…..we are heading down to Guayabitos on January 4, and plan on staying in our winter home at the KeLindo Hotel until April 10, 2014. We can’t wait!!!!….thank you once again for all the information, pictures, and all the news in your part of the world…..this part of the world is so beautiful…its our home away from home…..

  6. :

    Thank you for your excellent coverage of the unique area of Jaltemba Bay. It is always great to read when we are home in Canada, and also when we visit the area in the winter. Looking forward to another stay early in the New Year. M. Field

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