Jaltemba Bay Community Center Inaugurated in La Peñita

The Jaltemba Bay community center was inaugurated yesterday in La Peñita. Ken and Zobeida co presidents of Los Amigos de Jaltemba welcomed everyone and then gave a bit of history of the event saying that the CCC concept had its foundation in a meeting 3 years ago between Los Amigos, Ejido La Peñita and Rotary Club of Jaltemba. After a couple of years of planning and a couple of temporary locations the community center moved to the current facility in November of last year.

The preliminary speeches having been given everyone went outside to witness the official cutting of the ribbon.

Then Ken declared the center officially open and invited everyone back inside for the delivery of a number of wheelchairs supplied by Rotary. It was emotional to see folks being given better mobility. Angelina arrived in a plastic chair because her old chair had actually broken in the process of getting to the meeting.

Abraham, president of the Jaltemba Rotary, thanked everyone for their hard work and then gave the floor to Octaviano, incoming Rotary president for 2013 – 2014. Octaviano delivered the computers and projector for the learning center to Viky and Gema. Funding for those was made possible by a grant from Seattle Rotary. He also symbolically delivered the chairs and tables purchased with moneys from a Ladysmith Rotary grant to Viky, director of the center. Viky gave the appropriate thanks.

Read the entire article written by Johan Nielson at Jaltemba Jalapeno

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