Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue Needs YOUR Help!

Our recent Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) spay and neuter clinics have been sponsored in part by McKenzie Veterinary Clinic of Victoria, British Columbia, thanks to Dr. Malcolm Macartney, who also brings a team of extra vets and vet techs to assist us due to the dramatic increase in the number of animals that we see at our bi-annual clinics. This past week at the clinic in Rincón de Guayabitos, we sterilized nearly 200 animals. What people may not realize is that during the summer months, we also paid our local veterinarian, Dr. Aldo Barba, to sterilize 82 animals. In addition, from July to October we vaccinated 27 animals which were for adoption, covered 23 medical treatments and 5 major surgeries, and 5 animals were euthanized because they were beyond medical treatment. JBAR’s work never stops. This ongoing medical treatment has to be paid for, and the cost for services provided this summer was $28,687 pesos. Dr. Barba provides us with medical services at discounted prices, and in return, we attempt to provide him with donated medical equipment and supplies as needed. We want to continue to aid the poor with their animals and sterilize animals in between clinics.

Those of us who volunteer are not reimbursed for gasoline or our time. We do this to make a difference in the lives of the animals and lives of the families who love their dogs and cats. I do this to make the world a little bit better and I cannot watch animals suffer in the streets, skinny with mange. When my husband Paul and I purchased our home here, I told him that I could live here, but I had to change the situation with the animals here. He told me sarcastically, “Good luck.” But we have made a difference, and we will continue to make a difference with your support.

In order to continue doing what we’re doing, JBAR needs your help. The donations received at last week’s clinic were significantly lower than normal. Our current operating funds will take us through December 2012. People can donate via PayPal on the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue website or contact me at 274-0102, Lin Chimes at 274-0976 or Allyson Williams at 274-1150.

Thank you for your ongoing support of this wonderful and much needed project.

Lacy Brunetti

This story was submitted by one of our readers. If you want to join in the fun and share your stories and photos of Jaltemba Bay, Mexico, please email them to Tosia@JaltembaBayLife.com

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    What a great picture of the Angels!!!!! I have never experienced 3 people to work harder for the lost dogs and kitties! How about a big PARTY FOR THE DOGGIES at Thomas Bartletts???? Bring your dog on a lead and let's have some fun and food and make a little....LOT of money to keep our JBAR Rescue GOING! Who will help me? I will SPONCER it. There will be games to play...for a small fee! Photos taken, for a small fee. DOGS CAN PLAY IN THE FOUNTAIN....for a small fee! get my drift! We need your support. 100 pesos get you and your dog in!!!!! AND A TACO AND A BEER!!!!! A bag of cat food -Costco get you in and 2 tacos and 2 beers!!!! A Bag of Canine Companion dog food from Costco will get you in with 3 tacos and 3 beers!!!!! What fun! The dogs will love it.........please bring plastic poop bags!!!!!!!!! ; ) Let me know if you will support this event And pick the 9th or 10 th for the date! Sarita

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