Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) needs Volunteers for upcoming Spay & Neuter Clinic

Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) needs your help at our next free spay and neuter clinic which is soon approaching on November 13-16, 2013. To date, we have sterilized over 3,300 animals in our area! So many people have commented on the incredible difference these clinics have made to the overall health of our community. There are fewer diseased, starving or malnourished dogs on the street and less use of poison to rid the community of unwanted animals. The difference is noticeable! Please lend your support so we can continue our work with the animals.

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Free medical treatment to any animal whose owner cannot afford a vet
  • Free medical treatment to any animal found hurt or injured in the street
  • Support to those who wish to foster or help street animals
  • A small no-kill animal shelter; we find homes for our animals
  • Adoptions for hundreds of dogs and cats
  • Support for families who wish to understand animal behaviour
  • Education in the local schools including visitations to classrooms

Here are some ways you can help us!

1. Collars and Leashes

Many of the animals arrive at our clinic in gunny sacks, boxes and even bird cages! Collars and leashes are a luxury for many people as they cannot afford to purchase them.

When dogs leave our clinic, they receive a certificate of sterilization, a free bag of dog food and a new collar and leash. The owners are so pleased to walk away with their newly collared dog and a leash!

It is also a way to promote our JBAR clinic within our Mexican neighbourhoods and to promote pride in animal ownership. We strive to offer a free collar and leash to every animal coming through our clinic.

Dollar stores have inexpensive collars and leashes for us to donate to the owners of our clinic animals. All sizes are needed. Sets consisting of both a collar and leash are great! We also need collars and leashes for our adoptive dogs all year long and at our little refugio.


2. Dog, Cat and Puppy Food

Our small refugio in La Colonia, on the outskirts of La Peñita, feeds many mouths and we need donations of animal food all year long. During our twice-yearly clinics, we also give a ziplock bag of food to each owner for their newly sterilized pet as a gift. Generally, we purchase large bags of animal food from either Costco or Sam’s Club as they are most economical. Donations of the same brand of animal food would be the best for the animals in our care so we do not need to ween them from one brand to another. Better for the animals!

We can also use several boxes of ziplock baggies (approximately 8 x 11-inches) to contain the food we offer during our clinics.

3. Kennels

We use so many kennels during our clinic as our daily intake can reach between 60-70 animals.

Some of our kennels break down due to constant use and we need to replace them. Most in demand are the really large kennels and of course, they are the most expensive to purchase! However, all sizes are needed including large metal fold-down kennels to contain animals for adoption during our clinics.

Garage sales are a great place to purchase kennels and the most reasonably priced. Kennels do not seem to be an issue when crossing either the USA or Mexican border.


4. Towels

During our clinics, we use many towels – to pad our recovery tables, to keep our recovering animals warm and to line kennels. We also use towels throughout the year at our refugio for kennels and grooming. Please bring us your old towels! Sheets can also be used for our recovery tables.

5. Medical Supplies

  • Digital thermometers for recovery
  • Surgical gloves
  • Stethoscopes
  • Drape
  • Sutures monocryl: 0, 1, 2, 3 (absorbable type, expired is okay)
  • Catheters (IV type): #20, 22 and 24
  • Long neck syringes (not the screw type)
  • Syringes: 1, 3 and 5 cc.
  • 1-inch needles with caps
  • Metal surgical tables

Clinic Update

Our next clinic is fortunate to have three medical teams working to sterilize our Jaltemba Bay Animals:

Dr. Malcolm Macartney and his team from McKenzie Veterinary Services in Victoria, B.C. along with Dr. Carolyn Buxton and her team from the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital in Burnaby, B.C. and Dr. Anthony Garcia Carrillo and his team from Peace Animals will join forces to sterilize more of our animals in the Jaltemba Bay Area. At our last clinic, we sterilized over 200 animals in 3.5 days!

Clinic Dates: Wednesday, November 13-Saturday, November 16, 2013
Time: Doors open at 7:30am each day
Location: Avenida del Sol Nuevo #39, Zona Residencial, Guayabitos
(last house before the swinging bridge)


Volunteer Needs and Volunteer Training

Volunteers are welcome!! Many of our volunteers return each clinic to help us. We also encourage new faces to join us! There will be a training session the first morning of the clinic.

All Volunteers: Please join us at 9am on Wednesday, November 13 at the clinic site.

Volunteers are mainly needed in the recovery area as that is where the animals most need one-on-one care. Recovery is a very busy place!

Other areas of need include:

  • Transportation: Picking up/dropping off medical teams at the airport, taxi service for some of the owners with their animals and running errands.
  • Kennels: Cleaning, repairing and organizing.
  • Animal Care: Dog walking, watering and feeding, holding animals as they go under anesthesia, calming dogs/puppies which may be barking, grooming, washing, removing fleas and ticks.
  • Food & Drinks: During the clinics, we appreciate the donation of breakfast, lunches, dinners, refreshments and snacks. Our hard-working volunteers work long hours and need nourishment! Please consider helping us by providing us with healthy food, drinks and snacks to keep us all going. It is such a perk to have great food!
  • Promotion: Putting up and handing out fliers announcing our clinic in all neighbourhoods from La Colonia to Lo de Marcos, and in areas such as El Tuito and Las Rosas.

*Click here to print and distribute our clinic poster.

JBAR has been able to accomplish so much because of the incredible support we receive in the Jaltemba Bay community. Thank you to all of our supporters!!


by Lin Chimes

About Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR): Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) was established in 2003 by Lin Chimes of Los Ayala, Nayarit, Mexico. Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue advocates humane and healthy practices for animals in the Jaltemba Bay area by promoting health, education, spay and neutering, adoptions, foster care and positive relationships with animals and their owners. JBAR also works to find homes for street dogs and cats. This effort has significantly improved the overall health and enjoyment of life on Jaltemba Bay for human visitors, residents and also our four-legged friends.To learn more or to make a donation, visit Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR).

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  1. :

    Where in what town could I get to help in a clinic. Slso I am brining towels and sheets for the kennels etc where can I take them?

    1. :

      Carroyl, feel free to email me directly closer to your arrival date and I will give you more information. Allyson@JaltembaBayLife.com

  2. :

    Oh not again I am going to miss the Nov spay as I arrive Nov 17th from BC Canada. I can bring towels and sheets in my charity suitcase. Where will I give them to you? I am in La Penita till March 17/2014. Would you be having another clinic while I am there?

    1. :

      Carroyl, JBAR usually has clinics in November and April, however there are clinics in surrounding towns all throughout the year if you want to volunteer.

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