It’s Official: Magical Los Ayala has merged with Jaltemba Bay Life!

Allyson and I are both delighted to say… Its official, Magical Los Ayala has merged with Jaltemba Bay Life!

As part of the merge, Jaltemba Bay Life will be uploading all the special stories, photos, history, and important information from Magical Los Ayala onto their web site. Yes, Local Folks, Magical Moments, Past Event Photos, and a Step Back in Time along with Los Ayala’s Photo History will be preserved! They have also created a special section especially for Los Ayala which will feature information from Magical Los Ayala exclusively.

I chose to merge Magical Los Ayala with Jaltemba Bay Life, because maintaining the website was consuming all of my time and I had no time or energy left to pursue my original goal of “Writing My First Book” and my new found passion, photography.

I think highly of the Jaltemba Bay Life website, and I believe that it is a perfect fit with Magical Los Ayala. I have every confidence that the merge is for the good of Los Ayala as well as the greater community of Jaltemba Bay! Each of the towns in Jaltemba Bay, is unique and special in their own way, but in the bigger picture the four towns form one community, supporting each other.

I am also delighted to announce that as part of the merge, I will be joining the Jaltemba Bay Life Team on a very part time basis, as a contributor. As such I will continue to share stories about Local Folks and photos representing Magical Moments, in the Jaltemba Bay Life newsletter. Of course, now, they will be known as “Meet Local Folks,” and “Photo of the Week” which will represent a Magical, or perhaps enchanting, Moments in Jaltemba Bay.

In terms of Magical Los Ayala, please be assured that the website will be up and running until February 2013. However, all the new information and news will be posted on Jaltemba Bay Life from here on in.

All current ads on Magical Los Ayala will remain there until February 2013. These ads will also be featured on the larger Jaltemba Bay Life site and newsletter at no cost, and will run until their expiration date on Magical Los Ayala. These advertisers will also have an opportunity to renew their ads with Jaltemba Bay Life at a special rate.

Thank you for supporting Magical Los Ayala. Please give Jaltemba Bay Life your full support, and continue to share news and photos from Los Ayala with us! On that note, I’m seeking “Photos of the Week” and people to interview for Meet Local Folks! If you would like to share a photo and/or your story please send me an email at

Christina Stobbs

Authors Note

Sad Farewells…
It has been a wonderful experience creating the website and sharing all the community information and events; Local Folks, and featuring photos of Magical Moments in Los Ayala. It has truly been a privilege to work with Romy Mora, Regidora, Jaltemba Bay and Miguel Sillas, Juez of Los Ayala, and being part of making a difference in the community of Los Ayala.

On that note, I hope everyone enjoys my contributions to Jaltemba Bay Life, and I hope to hear from lots of folks interested in sharing their stories and photos! Thanks a bunch.

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