Iridescent Bug in My Garden

This lovely, large (about 1.5 inches long) and iridescent bug caught my eye as it quickly flew into one of my flowers several weeks ago. It was moving about quite erratically and I only managed to snap this one photo of it. If you think you may know what it is, please post below.

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    Thanks Theresa! It was so cool to see it, and with it moving so quickly it was hard to even get the one picture. I was actually quite surprised when I saw the photo I had taken as I didn't recall as much 'metallic' sheen as was evident. Will keep an eye for this bee again!

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    I think it is an orchid bee - Exaerete. A genus of euglossine bees, their range is Mexico to northern Argentina Like most orchid bees, they are metallic (green, blue, or purple), but they are cleptoparasites in the nests of other euglossines.

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