In Honor of JBAR, We Are Celebrating National Pet Month

The Jaltemba Bay Life Team would like to celebrate National Pet Month by asking our readers to send us a photo and short story of the pet(s) you have adopted from Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR). By portraying these animals, we can celebrate the benefits that pets bring to people and vice versa. Perhaps by sharing with others the bond that is between you and your Mexi-pet, it will inspire others to adopt a pet or help out JBAR with a monetary donation. 

To start off the portraits and stories, I am sharing two photographs of the pup I adopted from the March 2009 JBAR Spay and Neuter Clinic. I named the feisty little guy ‘Agua Chili Bob’ since he had a spicy personality and because my husband’s only criterion was “you can keep him if I can name him Bob”. I took the puppy photo the first day I brought him home, and the second one is of Bob in August 2010 at Newport Beach, Nova Scotia. His favorite thing to do is chase frogs in and around our pond at our house near Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada. The craziest thing he does is chase the vultures that fly over our casa at El Tonino, Nayarit, Mexico. He loves to cuddle on the couch and be involved when we are working outdoors. He’s brave, brash and barks at strangers. I love kissing his salty ears after he has been in the ocean. Best of all, he makes me laugh at all the silly antics he gets up to.

Now it’s your turn. Please submit your photos (2 max) along with your JBAR adoption story to We will share your stories during the next few weeks. (Note: Submissions must be received by May 6. Photos may have to be cropped to fit within the confines of the newsletter.)

Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue does so much for our community. In addition to holding 2-3 free spay and neuter clinics each year, they continue to rescue sick and injured street animals, spay and neuter street animals, plus they care for, feed and treat numerous animals in their La Colonia shelter year round. If you would like to make a donation so they can continue their good work, please visit the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) webpage. Just click the PayPal button to help!

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    Handsome puppy and dog! Our ten year old remarked on the background, lining up with the markings too. Wonderful to see such a healthy, important and lucky dog. Susanna, Saskatchwan

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    Very cool, Tosia, how the shadow line in the first photo lines up with the markings on Agua Chili Bob's chest... holds my interest. Nice article and a good way to give JBAR a boost. Tom

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