It’s nearly impossible not to notice the absolutely gorgeous brilliant reddish-orange flowers of the Tabachín trees dotted throughout the Jaltemba Bay area. The flowers start to bloom near the end of May and have five petals, one of which has distinctive white and yellow markings. The Tabachín is also known as Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant Tree.

Tabachin 2
Tabachin 3

During the winter, Tabachín trees drop their delicate fern-like leaves allowing you to see their large seed pods.

Tabachin 4
Tabachin 5

These non-edible pods can measure up to 24-inches, and the dried seeds inside literally sound like a rattle when shaken.

Tabachin 6

Many of the local Tabachín trees are located along the highway, making it challenging to take photos. After searching high and low for one in full bloom, I finally spotted three at Vista Guayabitos Restaurant in Rincón de Guayabitos (above photo) and a few trees with nearly half their flowers blooming and most of their seedpods still attached located on the Conalep campus in La Peñita (bottom photo).

Tabachínes only bloom for a month or two, so get out there and enjoy them while you can!

Tabachin 7

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by Allyson Williams Updated June 6, 2013

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