Primavera (pronounced pree-muh-VEHR-uh) means spring in Spanish, and you know primavera has finally arrived when the vibrant yellow flowering trees by the same name start to bloom. These large showy trees have impressive clusters of flowers that mask their bare branches and create a sea of brilliant yellow against the sky.

A great spot to view Primavera trees in Jaltemba Bay is at Vivero Villanueva on the highway just north of La Peñita. They have two large trees planted near their entrance, and when in full bloom, they are very much worth viewing. As you drive by, you can’t help but notice the thousands of spent blossoms lying on the ground underneath the canopies of these trees, both inside the vivero grounds and covering the parking lot outside.

Close up of the blossoms

Thousands of spent blooms cover the ground under these two trees

March 9, 2015 Editor’s Note: I have not yet seen any Primavera trees with blossoms anywhere up and down the coast.

April 10, 2014 Editor’s Note: The trees at the Vivero are now in full bloom.

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by Allyson Williams
Originally published May 2, 2011

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