A few weeks ago, we packed up the pups and went on a short day trip. Towards the end of our excursion, we decided to explore the road to Loma Alta just south of Las Varas. We drove for nearly 20 minutes, but the rough and very narrow road didn’t seem to be headed anywhere anytime soon so we turned around. On the way back to the highway, I spotted a Llamarada (also known as a Flame of the Forest or African Tulip Tree). Since then, I have seen a few more trees dotted throughout the Jaltemba Bay area.

You can’t miss these large trees with their bright orange clusters. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that the individual blossoms actually look like tulips (shown above). This particular tree was just coming into bloom so I was able to get a shot of the unopened buds as well (below).

March 9, 2015 Editor’s Note: While the Llamarada trees have been blooming for weeks now, I have not yet seen any in full bloom like years past. Perhaps due to the January rain.  

by Allyson Williams

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