Hummingbirds Take Final Sips as Sun Sets into Jaltemba Bay

Combining my favourite view of Jaltemba Bay (which happens to be from my front deck in El Tonino) with photographing my favourite bird, has given me this unexpected though welcome photograph, taken on November 28, 2012. Lately, the days have been fairly hazy, which has resulted in sunsets that just fade away without much colour to them, but on this evening it had cleared and… voilà, the photo above is the result.

Each of the photos below feature a Violet-crowned Hummingbird; they just happened to be the birds that flew slowly or perched long enough that I could get the shot!

To see other photographs of my view, please follow this link to My Ever-Changing View of Jaltemba Bay: Part 1.

About the Author: Tosia Archer spends her winter living near El Tonino (a 20 minute drive north from La Peñita) along with her husband David and their Mexican adopted pets: dogs Agua Chili Bob and Momz, and their cat Blanca. They all travel south together by truck from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada each fall and return there to work each spring. She enjoys photographing local wildlife and flowers, whale watching and then rendering what she has seen into watercolour art. She volunteers with JBAR and is a member of the Guayabitos Artists Collective and Writers Who Love Mexico. Tosia is also part of the Jaltemba Bay Life Team.

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    I love the view too. The early morning ( still dark ) view is pretty special also. Stars, moon, and fishing boat lights are easy on the eyes.

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