Due to generous donations from many people, George Leavitt was able to purchase the 7 starving horses reported on in our previous article. This is the first step towards establishing the Hilltop Refugio / Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.).

This past Saturday, January 5, the animals were picked up and transported to a property close to Los Compadres Restaurant in La Peñita. An assessment was made concerning a colt to be transported separately due to its poor condition and the fear that it would be injured by the other horses. One of the adult horses was suffering from such severe malnutrition, that he fell down in the trailer during the move. The horse was unable to stand on its own and had to be pulled out of the horse trailer. Once out, it was unable to stand even after numerous attempts. Dr. Eladio Tello, a local vet, was called to help check the horse that was literally on death’s door. He was treated with electrolytes and vitamins with an IV. After a long period of time he was able to be hand fed by Loretta Leavitt. After being coaxed to his feet, his muscles then needed to be massaged in order to bring back circulation into his legs. He was then led up to George’s stable where he and the colt are being kept due to their need of more constant observation and care.


All of the horses will need extensive medical attention due to ticks, sores and parasites. Many thanks to Dr. Tello and volunteers for donating their time and expertise. There is still a need for donations to help feed and treat these defenseless animals. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made in person at Los Compadres Restaurant or via PayPal. Visit the Hilltop Refugio / Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) webpage for more information.

Written by Barbara & John Webber

This story was submitted by one of our readers. If you want to join in and share your stories and photos of Jaltemba Bay, Mexico, please email them to Allyson@JaltembaBayLife.com

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  1. Glenn and Tanis Moyls
    Glenn and Tanis Moyls says:

    Hey good folks,

    have been getting the newsletter since we visited Rincon last year and will retire there someday.
    We have horses here in Courtenay BC Canada and were moved with the story about the horse rescue. We attempted to use the “donate” button but it had errors. Are others experiencing the same thing? Let us know how else we can help and we will.

    Great work.

    Glenn and Tanis

    • Allyson Williams
      Allyson Williams says:

      Glenn & Tanis, thank you for letting us know that the PayPal link isn’t working. I believe I have corrected the issue, so please try again. If you are in the Jaltemba Bay area, you can make a donation in person at Los Compadres Restaurant in La Penita. Allyson

  2. Wynlee
    Wynlee says:

    So relieved that the healing has begun. Thank you for your efforts! Please tell those ponies that I am bringing a pocket full of horse treats with their names on it.

  3. vicente peña
    vicente peña says:

    muchas gracias por su esfuerzo y dedicacion, espero poder visitarlos pronto, juntos les daremos mejor vida a esos caballos.


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