The dawn of a bright sunny Sunday morning motivated Doreen and I to leave our bungalow and hot coffee early to hike “The Easy” trail located above Los Ayala. This was our second exploratory hike of the season to determine which of the jungle trails were clear and suitable for forthcoming group hikes. With perspiration dripping from our brows, we crested the first hill to pause at the junction where three trails begin, for a water break before proceeding onto “The Easy” pathway. The trail gained its name by default as in previous seasons, members of our hiking group thought it was an easier hike as compared to other route choices. As a result the trail’s name was born.


We moved through the first sector, an older orchard area again being cultivated. The gently flowing path continues into the solitude of the jungle portion. Here we were greeted by the early morning song birds welcoming the glorious morning’s rays. The varied palm trees, the peeling tourist trees and the giant tropical trees give this trail’s section a Jurassic Park ambiance. The well-defined track begins its descent to the lower reaches of the bright sunlit grass meadows and marsh area. Here we observe the colourful flowers opening their bright petals to welcome the morning warmth and entice the butterfly profusion to alight for a draft of nectar.

John Berg Los Ayala Hike P1150362

John Berg Los Ayala Hike P1150436

John Berg Los Ayala Hike P1150424

“The Easy” trail received our stamp of approval and we declared it fit and ready for future group hikes. With sweat drenched bodies from the hour and a half exertion and moisture soaked pants from the heavily dew laden tall grasses our footsteps quickened as we followed the familiar El Monteon pathway toward Kissing Beach. We soon arrived at our bungalow with a sense of accomplishment and a desire for a cleansing, cooling shower and a hearty, healthy breakfast.

Small groups of 5-12 hikers leave the roadside entrance to El Delphin at 7:30 am every Tuesday and Friday. The hikers enjoy the many trail permutations created by Bill Smyth carving out a series of interconnecting trails. The approximate 2-hour hikes start and finish in Los Ayala, giving people the opportunity to enjoy the remainder of the day or locate a Los Ayala restaurant to enjoy breakfast. Periodically during the season, we hike to El Monteón enjoying the hike and a trail-end breakfast, plus hikes to Punta Raza.

Leave the morning comforts of your bungalow and the sparkling waters behind to come enjoy nature’s beauty while trimming the waistline. See you on our next hike.

John Berg Los Ayala Hike P1100267


How many of the flora photos are you able to identify?

Article and photos by John and Doreen Berg, February 2014

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