Hike from Los Ayala to Punta Raza (North Beach)

Earlier this week, David and I went on a group hike with 17 others. Lori, the hike organizer, had taken this trek several times. In an effort to make the hike more accessible to others, she arranged for a clean up crew to clear the trails and mark them with red and yellow plastic tree markers earlier in the season.

We met at the south end of the Los Ayala beach at 7:30am. We hiked up the hill at the south end of Los Ayala and then down towards the small restaurant at Playa Freideras (also known as “Kissing Beach”), where we had to maneuver our way around a chain link fence to access the trail.

Twenty minutes into the hike, we came to a large clearing and a “Y” in the path. Lori directed us to the right following the sign marked “Punta Raza I”. (I was familiar with the trail up to this point, however I normally follow the path to the left which brings you to the south end of Punta Raza).

Shortly thereafter, we came to another “Y”. Lori directed us to the left following the “Playa Coral” sign, and explained that we would circle back to this very point from the path on the right.

Five of us decided to walk at a faster pace ahead of the rest of the group. We made our way over the jungle and through the woods. Much to my surprise, we ended up at the north end of the Punta Raza beach. I must say, this place is stunningly gorgeous with the waves crashing on the volcanic rock jetting out from under the sand.

We proceeded to walk north, but I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the view to the south. For those of you who are not aware, this beach is slated to become a tourist development. The south end is guarded and the majority of the beach is secured by chain link fence. It’s sad, but true.

The path back into the woods was not easily visible; in fact, we walked right past the yellow marker. Luckily, Lori and the rest of the group caught up to us and helped us find our way.

From here, the path changes from jungle with heavy palm tree canopy to wooded forest.

About 1½ hours into the hike, the five of us had made our way back to the “Playa Coral” sign just as Lori said we would.

We then came to the final “Y” on the hike. One direction was clearly marked with two signs that read “Mirador” and “Playa del Toro”; the other was unmarked. We collectively decided to follow the signs even though we had no idea where we would end up.

(Note: You can see the red marker on the tree above the “Playa del Toro” sign.)

The trail was covered with a heavy layer of leaves and palm fronds which made it challenging and a bit slippery at times.

The mirador (view) at the end of this trail was spectacular as you can see from the above photo. We took a few minutes to enjoy it, sipped some water, and then turned around and headed back the same way. We did not follow the trail to “Playa del Toro”, but I will definitely take the time to explore it the next time.

When we got back to the “Y” we headed left and returned to the starting point in Los Ayala.

The entire hike took us 2 hours 45 minutes, but we walked briskly. The others took a leisurely 4½ hours to finish. I would not consider this an easy hike because of the several rocky, slippery and steep spots encountered along the way. If anyone wants to attempt this hike, I recommend that you go with a small group and stay together. A GPS would be helpful, and comfortable walking shoes, water and bug spray are a must.

I have added the starting point to the Los Ayala map and also mapped out the approximate route below for anyone interested.

Here is an outline of the timing of the hike:

  • Starting point
  • “Punta Raza 1” sign  (20 minutes)
  • “Playa Coral” sign  (45 minutes)
  • Punta Raza Beach  (55 minutes)
  • Return to “Playa Coral” sign  (1 hour 20 minutes)
  • “Playa del Toro and Mirador” signs  (1 hour 35 minutes)
  • The point at Mirador  (1 hours 45 minutes)
  • Return to “Playa del Toro and Mirador” signs  (2 hours)
  • Return to “Punta Raza I” sign  (2 hours 25 minutes)
  • Return to the starting point  (2 hours 45 minutes)

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12 Reviews on “Hike from Los Ayala to Punta Raza (North Beach)”

  1. :

    2 of us would like to have info on hikes in the time period of Jan 22 to Feb 3.

  2. :

    hello, this is the same chris green from May 2012 comment. I will be in Sayulita Jan 8-16 and would love to realize the hike to Punta Raza and onward to Lo de Marcos. Couldn't find the trail in 2012 with Nancy and Lance.

    1. :

      Hi Chris and fellow hikers, I have also posted previous comments here. We arrive in Guayabitos on Jan 8th and would love to join you on this adventure. Any other fellow hikers available to guide us?? Would be happy to hike to El Monteon if the Lo de Marcos hike is too far. Hope to hear from some of you so that Chris and I can join you. Marilyn

  3. :

    Last 2013 season a small group hiked each Tues and Fri leaving from the El Delfin Bungalows in Los Ayala. While we hiked the Punta Riza trail we had a number of different routes we would hike. Over the last few seasons a friend, Bill Smyth, cleared three connecting routes. Providing many different hiking options. The difficult levels and length are about 2 to 21/2 hours returning to los Ayala. Again in the 2014 season we plan to hike the same trails. Just need Bill to arrive and again brush the routes! If interested in hiking different routes contact me as I plan to lead groups again and we will see what can be done.

    1. :

      We did the hike from Los Ayala to El Monteon last year and loved it! We stayed in Los ayala for a couple days with the intention of finding this group of walkers and going on the hike. After many inquiries and meeting alot of great people we were hooked up with 2 gentlemen that took us along with them. We will be staying in Guayabitos for the month of January 2014 and would love to meet up with you for some hikes! Please keep us posted of the meet up place and time. Marilyn

  4. :

    Hi Allyson, Thanks for posting this. We are keen to do this hike, but I'm looking for a bit of clarification. From your directions, it seems that from the north end of Playa Punta Raza, one must circle back to the inbound trail (marked on the map) to the Playa Coral sign, and follow it back to the Y where you turn left to Mirador and Playa del Toro. It would seem to be much shorter to hike directly from the north end of Playa Punta Raza to Mirador. Is there no such trail? Thanks Bob

  5. :

    Hola, We will be arriving in Guayabitos on Monday Jan 7th (Tomorrow!!!)and would love to join the group on this hike. When will this group be hiking this week and where can we meet up? Marilyn

    1. :

      Marilyn, I have contacted Lori who often leads this tour. I will post as soon as I hear back from her.

  6. :

    Does Lori lead hikes often? Does she have an email address? Is she the Lori that is mentioned in:http://www.magicallosayala.com/punta_raza.html Thank you. I am fasinated with Playa Punta Raza and would love to visit. Is the Hotel and Restaurant Rincón del Cielo still open?

    1. :

      Hi Jeanne, it is the same Lori. I don't have her hike schedule for this coming season, but if you post on the forum (http://jaltemba-bay-mexico.com/), she or someone else might know. There is a group that takes weekly hikes, and anyone can join them. They likely won't start until November. Also, I'm sorry to tell you that the restaurant has been closed for a year now because of the new development going in at Punta Raza; however, you can still access the beach there.

  7. :

    Hi Chris. While both hikes start on the south end of Los Ayala, they are two totally different trails. That said, you can actually access the Punta Raza/Lo de Marcos trail from this one, but you would need a guide to take you because there are no signs that indicate which way to go. Most of the regular Wednesday hikers have headed north for the summer, however, if you are interested in going in the next few weeks I bet I can organize a small group to go with you. Let us know.

  8. :

    Hello i have printed the map for the hike from Los Ayala to Puna Raza. thanks. Is this part of the hike to Lo de Marcos?? I am looking for that semi-organized hike. Was told it was on Wednesdays start at 8 am. Any info would be appreciated.

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