Photos and story by David Thompson

The portion of the “new” highway 200 that roughly parallels the old one in this area, is progressing but very slowly.

If you have driven just south of La Peñita and RdG, you probably have observed the beginnings of the new road off to the east. I was able to access the construction just south of La Peñita and again just south of Villa Morelos.

The work currently being done is pretty much limited in scope to clearing the brush and placing of some of the culverts. There is almost no evidence of workers on site and very little in the line of heavy equipment, the likes of which one would expect to find there. One photo shows the heaviest concentration of equipment with 3 pieces sitting at the ready when Monday comes.

A few of my photos are taken to the north showing some of those culverts and the beginning of the roadway base. Others are taken to the south and show the very end of any excavating clearing.

If you have ever been on the dirt road I took, you may recognize the remnants of the clay dome ovens which lie just off the new construction site.   I hope you enjoy the photos and plan your bets accordingly. Someone is rumored to be starting a pool for guessing the exact inauguration day. 2023 sometime maybe??

These are in no particular order, so you are on your own. But you will get my gist.







These final two photos are of the very end of the clearings and my attempting to escape when about 45 bulls came wandering down the less than well traveled road. (cow-path)