Heavy Rains Cause Flooding and Road Closures in and around Jaltemba Bay

So far this month, we have already received 386 mm (15.2 inches) of rainfall, which has surpassed the September total for both 2011 and 2012 combined… and we still have six more days to go.

The Jaltemba Bay area received substantial amounts, however rainfall varied considerably from one location to another. Streets were flooded in all three towns and still today, one day later, many streets still resemble small lakes.

While all of the schools were closed yesterday, most local businesses remained open to anyone who felt like wading through knee-deep water to get to them.

Avenida del Sol Nuevo near the main entrance to Rincón de Guayabitos was temporarily closed until the water drained down to a passable depth for cars to drive through. It is now open to very slow moving traffic.

The tennis courts in Guayabitos are still under water, but it is already down more than 2 feet (60cm) from the high yesterday morning, and the fire station is still surrounded by water.

Our new storm drains in Guayabitos did very well and eliminated most of the severe street flooding that we have experienced in the past. The water is flowing into the ocean as planned.

The river that flows between La Peñita and Guayabitos did its best to accommodate all the runoff water cascading down from the mountains. Our beautiful bay is currently a not-so-lovely shade of brown due to all the silt, dirt and tree branches.

The two photos above were originally posted on our forum by cathouse.

Many streets and casas were flooded in La Peñita. Calle Circuito Libertad flooded next to the new malecón. The water was up to 3-feet deep in that area, but SIAPA was quick to the rescue this morning to clean out the drains that were plugged with garbage either from being thrown in the street or washed down during the storm.

There were several confirmed road closures near Lo de Marcos, San Pancho and Sayulita, as well as Puerto Vallarta. I spoke with the Federal Police yesterday about the road situation and he stated that “there were closures at all of the above municipalities by 8am, but that as of 11:30am, local time, all roads were back open and the traffic was flowing slowly.” Be advised that there is active construction and single-lane traffic along Highway 200 near Lo de Marcos, San Pancho and Sayulita. Please drive with caution!

If you were to approach almost any Mexican and ask about the weather, the standard reply is “mucha lluvia,” but it always comes with a smile. They seem to realize that most everything will be back to normal soon.

by David Thompson

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    Wow!!!!I thought that the new drains that were put in last year would channel the wter away from Guayabitos....without these new drains, guayabitos would be in poor shape.....thank god the new drains were put in...seems, just in time.....I will stick to going to Guayabitos for January until Mid April.....not much rain, plenty of sun, and warm smiles......thank your for this information....keep up the great work.

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    David, thank you for these eloquent photos. I went last week to see my house and found that only, the water entered to the garden and demaged the water pump.Thanks to God. Lourdes González.

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    I have a house just above the small town of Chacala-- any word out there about flooding if any?

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    Wow! That is an incredible amount of water! I hope no one has been hurt with all the flooding, and that there is minimal damage to property. Our thoughts are with everyone in the Bay right now. I love how the standard reply from the locals is “mucha lluvia,” with a smile ... this is why we love this area SO much!! :)

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    Thank you for the updates an hope all will be back o normal soon.

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