This is one that most of us know about. It gets used more than we would like to admit. It is used to describe someone that is cheap in their bargaining tactics, spending habits and / or tipping tendencies. Yes, we all know someone that probably deserves and receives this gesture, but doesn’t get the message.

Just rub your elbow with the palm of your hand.




Did you ever walk into a bar or restaurant with a Mexican and have them turn around and show this signal. It means the place is crowded or full of people. The grouping of the fingers kind of gives this one away.

And if they show you both hands this way, it is full!




This gesture is not overly common, and that is probably because our hosts love to eat. If you see this one, it means that someone is hungry.  Let’s eat!





 Now don’t get ahead of me on this one guys. When you see this one, the forefinger and thumb are typically closer together and can mean a variety of things.

Not the first one that came to your mind though.
It can mean your drink or food will show up sometime soon.
It can mean ‘its almost your turn’.
I have found it to usually mean… I’ll be back in anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours. It is always accompanied by a big smile, so just smile back and nod your head. This is the home of mañana.



These two are pretty self evident and we can all identify with them.

This one simply means ‘no’.



And this one means ‘yes’. Just a simple wagging up and down of the index finger tells it all.

Okay, now the tough ones…
How tall is your child?
How big is your dog?
And how high is the fence?
You probably get my drift now. How many hands tall is your horse?
(A hand measures 4″.)