Hamaca Maya in La Peñita is So Much More Than Just Hammocks

Hamaca Maya may be known for their incredible selection of genuine Mayan hammocks, air chairs and accessories, but they also carry so much more. Hala, the owner, features a large variety of wonderfully creative and decorative items, whimsical Mexican Folk Art, Talavera tiles, tin mirrors, Mexican vanilla and other specialty gifts from around the country. She just received a new shipment of beautiful hand-painted gourds from Michoacan (pictured above), and colorful lacquer boxes and trays from Olinala, Guerrero.

The lacquer boxes and trays are made from the Linaloe tree, a fragrant tree indigenous to the state of Guerrero. The process begins by smearing the boxes with Chia Oil followed by several coats of powdered soil rich in Dolostone. They are then left to dry and polish before the painting and decorating begins. These lacquer production techniques are a long and laborious process dating back to pre-hispanic times. Lacquer trays and boxes are considered a unique Mexican Folk Art and are prized both nationally and internationally.

Lacquer boxes (above) and trays (below) from Olinala, Guerrero, Mexico.
(top) Hand-painted gourdes from Michoacan, Mexico.

Stop by to see Hala at Hamaca Maya at Emiliano Zapata #48, La Peñita. She is open daily from 10am-7pm (closed Sunday). To learn more and get directions, visit the Hamaca Maya webpage.

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    Hala Hi...I have been by a couple of times to find you not open. That's not fair! I wanted to purchase that green/peach telavera plate. Hope it i s still there. I will come at saturday about 1:00 pm

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    Hello Hala, It was just a year ago that we met. I have thought of you often this month as I remember the beautiful days there last February with Becky. Good to see pics of your beautiful store. Much love, Sarah

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