Guayafest 2015 Photo Update

The 16th Annual Reunion de Amigos del Volkswagen, fondly known as Guayafest 2015, rolled into town for this weekend’s event. Earlier today, the plaza in Rincón de Guayabitos was bumper-to-bumper with VW Beetles, Things, buses, pickups, sedans, fastbacks and other models. The northbound lane of Avenida del Sol Nuevo was closed so participants and spectators could view the hundreds of new and old VWs on display this year, as shown in the photos below…

guayafest 2015 1
Entrance to the plaza

guayafest 2015 2
guayafest 2015 24
guayafest 2015 4
guayafest 2015 6
guayafest 2015 7
guayafest 2015 8
guayafest 2015 9
guayafest 2015 11
guayafest 2015 11b
guayafest 2015 12  guayafest 2015 13
One of the most beautiful Volkswagens at the show…

guayafest 2015 14
guayafest 2015 19
Another beauty, from all sides…

guayafest 2015 20
guayafest 2015 21
guayafest 2015 22
guayafest 2015 16
Yes, those are real flowers adorning the grill of this VW bus

guayafest 2015 17 guayafest 2015 18
It just goes to show that you never know what you’ll find on display at the Guayafest!

by Allyson Williams

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    I was so disappointed that they sold out of the Guayfest T-shirts. Does anyone know how I can get one?

    1. :

      Andy, they don't usually sell the t-shirts. They are only for participants. We ask every single year!

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