Guayafest 2014: Bugs and More Bugs

Rincón de Guayabitos was inundated with Volkswagens, music and lots of good energy during this year’s Guayafest. This, the 15th Annual Reunion de Amigos del Volkswagen, appeared to attract about the same number of vehicles, but far fewer people. The exhibit began to wind down late afternoon, but the streets were still filled with cars and there was no traffic flowing in either direction during the event.

Guayafest 2014 11
As usual, there were some hot rods.

Guayafest 2014 7
And my personal favorite – I can think of a much better use for a keg, than as a gas tank!

Guayafest 2014 12
Avenida del Sol Nuevo (main street) was blocked off and patrolled near the entrance to town and both lanes were closed to traffic.

Parking was definitely at a premium in and around the entire plaza…

Guayafest 2014 1
Guayafest 2014 8
Guayafest 2014 2
Guayafest 2014 3
Guayafest 2014 10

by David Thompson

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