Guayafest 2013: Photo Update

The plaza in Rincón de Guayabitos was literally jam-packed yesterday afternoon for the annual Guayafest 2013, the 14th Annual Reunion de Amigos del Volkswagen. The northbound lane of Avenida del Sol Nuevo was closed so both participants and spectators could view the bumper-to-bumper VW Beetles, Things, buses, pickups, sedans, fastbacks and other models in town for this event.

There were many more cars than in past years, which made it challenging to get good close-up shots of individual cars…

Entrance to plaza in Guayabitos

* * *

And a few random artsy-fartsy shots to satisfy the graphic designer in me…

by Allyson Williams

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  1. :

    I've seen a number of the fiberglass-bodied dunebug-type cars. Is there some commercial concern that makes them? Are they expensive? Can I have two? And are the Things all old, or did Mexico continue to sell them when the USA no longer did?

  2. :

    O Tay, Girlie.... I am at the bottom. I don't get it.

    1. :

      The artsy-fartsy photos near the bottom. I thought you might dig them.

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