After 10 years, Margarita Challenge organizers Jim and Bonnie Williams have decided that this year’s challenge, held on February 6 at Piña Colada Restaurant in Rincón de Guayabitos, will be their last.

Shortly after the event, Jim wrote “What started as a idea is now history except for the many changes in the lives of many and the advancement of education at the Emiliano Zapata School in Rincón de Guayabitos” who have benefited from this annual community event. Jim goes on to say, “No longer do the toilets not flush and no longer are the sinks hanging from the walls. Pride has found its place in the hearts of the kids there and the staff. They have worked hard to earn these additions! Over the years (10), little by little this school has moved forward.”

Jim explained that proceeds from this year’s event have been applied to “scholarships and will protect the equipment and investments made to this school for a few years to come. They will now be working towards distant education and also world web communication with schools all over the world, allowing these kids to be some of the first in the area to be able to utilize these tools.”

During the event, the Director of the Emiliano Zapata School expressed her gratitude for all the support they have received throughout the years. Here is a translated copy of her thank you letter:

Good afternoon,

I have the honor to mention you grant me these words truly are one of the infinitely many ways to thank the contributions they have given over the past ten years at the institution which I am honored to lead.

A long time ago, and it’s pretty go… when this school was just two rooms, with the illusion comes to see it become what it is today, a fitting place for the children of our community, but this has not been achieved without the help of a group of people, with no other interest than to help those in need, set their eyes on our blessed school, where students learn to defend themselves from this life that is becoming more difficult.

These angels from distant lands came to give us joy with the donations that they have made, while the recent history of our school can not be understood without “Margarita Challenger.”

I remember the first time I arrived, I was truly surprised that even on TV or going out they were doing a documentary on how to work in Mexico, we do very well indeed but we were turned around trying to help, that my little school, as ye call him calling us to follow him badly needed

The issue is that every time you get these little angels dresses Americans or Canadians feel my heart beats faster, because I look forward to the help that this year will give us, but today I am sad because these contributions do not come more left in my I remember all the wonderful things they did for my school, the faces of the children showing satisfaction to see that you’re infiitamente community grateful for the great contributions and help during this time.

God bless you and may the world is full of people like you.

Thanks Margarita Challenger

Director, Emiliano Zapata School in Rincón de Guayabitos

Jaltemba Bay Life would like to extend a huge thank you to Jim and Bonnie Williams for their incredible dedication to this wonderful event and their ongoing support of the Emiliano Zapata School in Guayabitos over the past 10 years. Your continued efforts and transparency of funding deserve the utmost of respect and a round of applause.

Letter submitted by Jim Williams
Photo courtesy of Bill Bell