Going Home

This photo was taken from the trail that goes behind Mateja’s Bar & Grill and up into Rincón de Guayabitos. We used it as a shortcut to get to our hotel at the end of our afternoon walk. For some reason, I stopped and turned around and there it was… the perfect photograph.

You’ll notice there is a vendor following behind the inflatable cart and both are making their way home at the end of the day. There is also a vapor trail of an airplane… an indication of ‘going home’ for us NOTB folks. And as a bonus, there in the picture were our Mexican friends going home, hence the name of the photo.

by Lilianne Fuller

Lilianne is from Langley, BC, but visits the Jaltemba Bay area for 5 weeks every year.

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    where can i obtain a ladies bicycle for first 2 weeks of february either purchase or rent to bike around guayabitos...pls rsvp...lorraine from ottawa

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    Excellente amiga !It looks so peaceful!

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