With regret, I wish to announce that this is my last year coordinating the Barbie Angel Project. It has been such a rewarding 10 years for me – from the inception helping a friend make hand-crocheted barbie doll outfits for a dozen dolls – to this year’s banner year of 1,100 dolls. Our annual average over the years has been between 400-800 recycled dolls donated to many local organizations.

In the early years as the project began to gain momentum, local resident Dawn Blevins contacted me with an offer to help make clothes, and until 2007, she and I were the only ones crocheting outfits and dressing the dolls. Dawn has since retired to pursue other interests. Subsequently, other volunteers stepped up to fill the void by knitting, crocheting and sewing outfits in order to have enough clothing to dress the hundreds of dolls that arrive each season. We often are able to make use of some of the readymade outfits that come with the donated dolls as well.

There have been a couple of dozen different helpers at various times who have attended the many barbie dressing parties to help with the cleaning, coifing and clothing of the recycled dolls. The boxes and suitcases full of dolls arrive by RVs, private vehicles and air. They come from a myriad of places – all the way from the East to West Coast of Canada and the United States, from Ontario to BC and from Massachusetts to California.

Geri de Moss Barbie Recipients

Over the many years that this project has been operating, we have been privileged to be able to supply our recycled dolls to many deserving groups in the Guayabitos area. They have included the Guayabitos Homeowners’ Association for Christmas Eve in the plaza, Nurse Vicky Flores’ school parties, holiday school functions in La Peñita, Alta Vista, Jala, Los Ayala, El Monteón and La Colonia, to Jorge with Unidos por Bahia de Jaltemba AC and one year for the ladies at the La Peñita Senior Center. This year, in addition to our regular donations, boxes of dolls were given to Patty Horton and Mateja Mikunda for their adopted families. In addition, contributions of specially designed dolls have gone to the Fashion Show, Margarita Challenge, Las Tres Amigas and other local fundraising organizations who have benefited by using them for raffles and silent auctions.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the willing volunteers who have made this project such a viable, worthwhile and rewarding endeavor. Through your efforts, you have brought smiles to the faces of many little girls who have welcomed the dolls into their loving arms and new homes. My reward has been the satisfaction of seeing the joyful girls embracing their dolls and the hugs I get when they receive their holiday gifts. As my husband says, “Hands across the Sea,” although it’s across two international borders instead.

Barbie Party 8

My good friend, Lynne Mourot, will be taking over the coordination next year. Although I’ve known Lynne for 18 years, she joined the barbie dressing volunteer group 3 years ago and has been a welcome addition. As a valued volunteer, Lynne has attended many of the dressing parties as well as contributed many of the donated dolls and knitted dresses for them, and as a seamstress she makes outfits for all of the donated Ken dolls.

My sincere wish is that you will all continue to support the Barbie Angel Project and Lynne as she endeavors to accept the responsibility of carrying on this annual event. I still plan to be involved by crocheting barbie outfits during the coming year even if I am not physically able be here next season to supervise the barbie dressing parties.

You may contact us via email: Lynne at Mmourot@sasktel.net or Geri at gd1935@wildblue.net

To learn more, visit the Barbie Angel Project webpage here.

by Geri de Moss

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