Sioux Falls, South Dakota (PR MediaRelease) February 6, 2018

South Dakota provides storyline of ancient norms to identify an evolving culture.

Electronics Aid Memory Loss

Can’t remember phone numbers like you used to? You are not alone. “Why are we losing our memory? Its impact on society” is one of several presentations by South Dakota author and traveler, Gary Wietgrefe.

“Since man first started writing he has less need to remember. Traditional learning relies on memory. The computer literate do not.” Wietgrefe claims, “World transition to electronic artificial memory may be the biggest setback in human history.”

Since taking early retirement, Wietgrefe and his wife, Patricia, have been traveling the world—
including eleven countries on three continents in 2016. His books identify a tech-savvy culture
paralleling ancient ways.

As a societal explorer comparing developed and undeveloped cultures, his intriguing new books–over 700 pages–punch holes in many accepted 21st century systems.

Wietgrefe’s New York distributor has plans for national and international distribution for his two
newest hardcover books, “Relating to Ancient Learning” (440 pages) and “Relating to Ancient
Culture” (320 pages).

His winter book release tour begins in his hometown of Ipswich, South Dakota and is highlighted on his 65th birthday in Sioux Falls February 26th.

As is common in the winter, his tour moves south where he will give eight presentations at the
nationally recognized Tucson Festival of Books on the University of Arizona campus March 10-11. It
ends on the west coast of Mexico in La Penita de Jaltemba March 25. The public is welcome to attend his presentations at all locations.

The February 26 Sioux Falls signing event and kickoff will be at the Sioux Falls Holiday Inn City
Presentations include:
10:00 a.m. – Riddles of 21st Century Culture
12:15 –21st Century Technophobia & Busiphobia
2:45 –Why the School System Won’t Last
5:30 –Why are we losing our Memory? Its impact on Society

For more details, visit his website
His e-books and hardcovers are available worldwide anywhere fine books are sold, or locally at
Zandbroz Variety, 209 S. Phillips Ave., and Chad Phillips Photography, 1908 W. 42nd Street, Sioux
Local libraries and bookstores are encouraged to have copies on hand.