Frommer’s Says the Riviera Nayarit is “Mexico’s Next Big Thing”

As a result of the FAM trip the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) coordinated with Pauline Frommer, daughter of Arthur Frommer, the travel maven published an article called “Mexico’s Next Big Thing: The Riviera Nayarit.”

Having already received the seal of approval from Mr. Frommer during his “Top 14 Destinations to Visit in 2014,” this time the focus was the top ten attractions Pauline highlighted as reasons to visit Mexico’s Pacific Treasure.

Among them were the destination’s vast beaches, birdwatching, idyllic colonial towns, exquisite folk art, the Marietas Islands, the relaxing all-inclusive resorts, water sports, its romantic ruins, its coastal surfing villages and its exclusivity and privacy for the rich and famous.

“…a lot of the reason to head here has to do with golden sands, tubuler [sic] waves and seafood so fresh it bounces on your plate (well, almost). But dig deeper and you’ll find that this area has some pretty wonderful, and unique attractions, making it a good choice for travelers of all stripes,” wrote Pauline Frommer.

The articles on the portal serve as a tourist guide with a global reach, and they’re systematically sent to different media as well as to interested tourism markets.

The site itself has slightly less than 500 thousand unique visitors each month, which means it will give the destination very important exposure, particularly around the European and American continents.

A radio show is in the works produced by the same editorial group. It will go into further detail regarding all of the destination’s wonderful attractions as yet to be recommended. Pauline herself was awe-struck at what she experienced in the destination as far as tourism is concerned, and she has committed herself to give the Riviera Nayarit the promotion it deserves.

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Originally published by Riviera Nayarit CVB

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    We have been coming to Guayabitos for 9 years, annually, sometimes twice. We also plan to relocate here soon and we don't want it to change a bit. Improve in some ways, but not increase in traffic or increase in crime or any other negative thing that comes from growth. It's a beautiful place the way it is and that is why we keep coming back. We on purposely do not stay in PV or go to Cancun because we love our Mexican friends and you lose that in a "tourist town". I am glad they didn't cover Guayabitos. It's all hype designed to bring America to Mexico and I'm not so sure that has worked so well in other areas of Mexico.

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    I have to agree with eddy, I love this place exactly the way it is today I am hopping to live there some day and would like to see it as it is today! Vendors on the beach , taco stands in the street love it! Mike southern C.A U.S.A

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    I am not in favour of Guayabitos, or La Penita becoming a big tourist attraction…..these small towns are whee the Mexicans come to visit and play….I would not like to see Guayabitos become another tourists trap like Cancun, or PV…..I have been coming to Guayabitos for four years now, and I love the way it is….I love to see the many Mexican families come on the week-ends to spend time with their families….its their place, and should remain that way….If other cities want the hordes or visitors who complain about everything, than they should go to places like PV or Cancun…..lets leave Guayabitos and La Penita alone…..we love it this way….

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    So, Pauline with Frommer's stopped by the villa when she did this article along with the head of PR for Riviera Nayarit took a tour..blah,blah..but if you read the article..the only thing I see is a photo taken from Vista Guayabitos Restaurant..I don't see any mention of Rincon de Guayabitos, or La Penita or Los my criticisim of the that it focuses on the usual places that the press love..Sayulita,Punta Mita,San Blas,etc..once again, we get left an ugly stepchild and ignored.Heck..she didn't even give a photo caption/ Vista Guayabitos..

    1. :

      Sean, I also wondered why she didn't make even a small mention of Rincon de Guayabitos since the feature photo for the article was shot from Vista Guayabitos Restaurant. I wish I had known that she stopped by Villa Corona del Mar to see you, otherwise, I would have emailed you to add an editor's note at the bottom. Keep in mind folks, we share articles like this because they are considered "area news." If you don't want us to continue, let us know. We really do listen!

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    Yes, everybody seems to be saying this, and not only because "Riviera Nayarit" (a term invented by people who stand to get rich from tourism) is indeed incredible, but because other people are saying it. And underneath all this talk is the assumption that capitalism, money and development are all good things. Really? Is this what you want? Because it is, or could, and should be a choice, not a given. If you truly love the place as it is you might want to think twice before parroting what supposed authorities say. And in the future, if this development happens, as you moan about the way it used to be, don't forget you contributed to its ruin.

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