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FONADIN Announces Toll Road Fees Increased

Here is a partial list of specific stretches of highways that the tolls were announced increased on September 7, 2018. Some of these increases are indicated here and others only show the new rates:

Mexico-Puebla, increased from $141 to $165; Mexico-Querétaro, the increase is $18, to $166; Tehuacán to Oaxaca, went from $200 to $233; Durango-Mazatlan, increased by $65 and now motorists will pay $601, and Lagos de Moreno-San Luis Potosi, which is the one that connects Jalisco, from $95 to $107.

Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo increased to $253; the Cordoba-Veracruz, $ 206; La Tinaja-Cosoleacaque, $410; Cadereyta-Reynosa, $264; La Carbonera-Puerto Mexico, $62; of Reynosa- Mayamoros, $ 77; Champoton-Campeche, $72; Chamapa-Lechería, $52; Don-Nogales Station, $398; Gómez Palacio-Corralitos-Autopista Unión, $253; Torreón-Saltillo, $202; Agua Dulce-Cárdenas, $76; Bridge of Ixtla-Iguala, $82; La Pera-Cuautla, $64; Zacapalco-Rancho Viejo, $33; Tihuatlán-Gutiérrez Zamora, $43; Las Choapas-Ocozoautla, $229; Querétaro-Irapuato, $156; Puebla-Acatzingo, $67.

Acatzingo-Ciudad Mendoza, $130; Mendoza City-Córdoba, $30; Tijuana-Ensenada, $112; Rancho Viejo-Taxco, $15; La Rumorosa-Tecate, $78; Salina Cruz-The suction cup, $108 and the Libramiento sur II of Reynosa, $66.

There are a few toll roads where the prices remained the same.

¡Qué tenga un buen viaje, amigos!

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    From Texas USA to Mazatlan Mexico Which hwy and how mich on tolls ? Also specify if it’s USA dollars or pesos you are referring to please !

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