Exploring On Our Own

What do you do when it’s cloudy in paradise? You go for a hike in the back country where you have never been before. Four amigos headed up the back roads behind La Peñita looking for the road to La Rosa. We didn’t really know where we were going and didn’t care if we got there or not.

The valley is beautiful with fertile farm land and a wonderful view of the mountain range to the east. If you are lucky, you stumble upon a few depositos and treat your amigos to a cold cerveza. It’s always fun to see what the local people are building or growing in the fields. Everyone waves and smiles at the lost fools, but we are not worried because we can always get directions using a little Spanish and some Charades gestures. I feel comfortable wandering amongst the local people and appreciate their friendliness and willingness to help even with the language barrier.

When we got way out there near the base of the next mountain range, we realized we had gone far enough. The only traffic on this rugged road was a small pickup truck with a full cab of three Mexicans, a loaded bed of palm stakes and four dogs. We asked for a ride and they indicated we could hop in the back. In a few miles, we were back near La Peñita and they stopped at their destination. We offered to pay for the ride and they refused payment. Another attempt explaining they should use it to buy themselves a cerveza was successful and we thanked our driver and went on our way.

Sometimes the simplest events turn out to be more fun than any guided tour you could arrange.

Disclaimer: Traveling alone in the back country may not be smart if you are in the wrong area or you are females. Four men traveling together is a safer, more cautious way to travel. Ask some of the locals at your hotel or people that have been here for many years to get a feel for the area.

Submitted by Brian Betts, Nanaimo BC

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This photo and story were submitted by one of our readers. If you want to join in and share information, stories or photos of Jaltemba Bay, Mexico, please email them to Allyson@JaltembaBayLife.com

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    I agree with Tom, I wanted to read more....felt like I was there exlploring with you! Please continue to share your expereinces!

  2. :

    Tom, I agree. And I'm excited to inform you that we are featuring one of Brian's "adventures" in the next issue... stay tuned!

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    Nice photo, Brian. I really like it. But..... ya know what? I started reading your text, thinking I was going to be reading a story. All of a sudden, it was over. Then I realized that it was only meant to be a caption for the photo. Shucks. Still, a nicely done mini-story that brings the reader full circle. I would read more if you ever decide to write more extensively about your local explorations. Tom

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