It turns out that the house at Calle Mazatlan #60 in La Peñita has quite an intriguing past. This charming little two-bedroom house has been rented by a number of interesting and influential local folks, many of whom have become longtime residents of the Jaltemba Bay area after staying there.

In mid-June when Christina Stobbs interviewed Tom Plattenberger for our “Meet Local Folks” series, they were mutually surprised to learn that they had both rented this same exact house… and as their conversation grew, so did the list of other tenants they knew. Whether it was fate or luck, or whether someone cast a fantastic fairytale-like spell to draw these people to this house, there is no denying that this happenstance is much more than just coincidence. Equally intriguing are the almost magical and inspirational moments they all experienced while living there.

The house is located on the north end of La Peñita just one block south of the old cemetery and a stone’s throw from the beach. It is not particularly big nor is it particularly beautiful, so many of you are probably wondering what’s so special about this house? Lucky for us, Tom and Christina have compiled stories from a few locals who stayed there. Each week, we will feature one of these stories so you, too, can discover what makes this little house in La Peñita so incredibly enchanting.

Editor’s Note: This particular house is not for rent, however, there are several other charming renal homes and villas to choose from in the area. 

Who Stayed There and When

  • Eddie Dominguez & Roberto Gil de Montes, La Peñita (1987-92)
  • Tom Plattenberger & Bruce Hilton, La Peñita (1993)
  • Barbara Higgins, La Peñita (1998-2001)
  • Hala Haazi, La Peñita (2003-2005)
  • Victor & Linda Youcha (2006)
  • Christina & Robert Stobbs, Los Ayala (2007)

Their Stories

To read the other stories in this series, click the links above. Keep in mind, we are publishing one part each week, so be sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks.

History of the House

The house was owned by Efrain Menendez, an architect and painter, and his wife Alcira from the 1980s until May 2004, when it was purchased by Gene & Marie Grange. The Granges still own the house today. In speaking with Mr. Grange, he informed me that at some point during the 1980s, the local fisherman were moved from Rincón de Guayabitos to this particular part of La Peñita, which is why this area it is called “Colonia Pescadores.”

Below are some photos from its last remodel.