The ever-smiling Vaquita porpoises really have nothing to smile about. Their habitat, which is solely in the Gulf of California, has been over fished by local fishermen who catch the Vaquita by mistake in their nets. Their estimated population has declined to between 30 and 40 porpoises. 

Now with the assistance from the U.S. Navy and their teams of highly trained dolphins, hopefully, that will be reversed. The plan is to find the porpoises with the help of the sonar capabilities of the dolphins, capture them in corals and transfer them to floating pens located in a safe bay in the Gulf of California, where they can be protected and hopefully breed.

Without this effort, it is expected that the tiny Vaquita will be extinct by the year 2022. Mexico is investing $3 million US into this effort which is set to begin October 12th.

Thanks to Puerto Vallarta Daily News for fostering this story.