PLEASE CLEAN OUT THOSE CLOSETS AND DRAWERS!!! Then bring everything to the very, very poor here in our area of Mexico. It is needed. Did you know a comb… a comb… is a luxury in a small mountain village! How many old pairs of glasses, reading, vision, out of prescription, do you have? Don’t know what to do with them? Please bring them here to La Peñita. Someone may be able to use them even if for a few minutes to SEE a picture of their grandchild that lives far away, or help read the label off a can of food. You can’t believe the need.

Do you want to help? SO MANY OF YOU DO CONSTANTLY! There is not enough THANK YOU’S TO TELL YOU! The stuff you will throw away will be used and used and used again here in these poor communities. Please don’t let the challenges of getting some of those thing here, stop you. Vicky’s Dispensary needs EVERYTHING.

What is Needed

All School Supplies: Notebooks, pencils, pens, scissors, crayons, colored pencils, sharpeners, erasers, colored paper, coloring books, glue, clay, rulers and compasses.

Recreation, All Ages: Balls of any kind (soccer, volleyball, softball), bats, nets and goals. Playing cards, dominoes, puzzles, flash card games, toys, dolls, G.I. Joes… all the toys your kids and grandkids DON’T WANT. They will Love them here.

Clothing: Everything and every age. Young boys and girls underpants. Shoes, every size and kind… shoes and more shoes! Shirts, pants, sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets… it gets cold here too! EVERYTHING YOU CAN’T WEAR, WON’T AND DIDN’T, even if it is well used, please bring.

Medical Equipment: Wheelchairs, walkers, toilet seats, crutches, eyeglasses, baby baths, slings for arms and wraps. Anything in this area is so needed.

Medicine: This is tricky, but this is Mexico. No outdated medication please. Vitamins including children’s chewables, pain relievers, cough syrups. bandaids, cotton gauze, antiseptics, creams, soaps and shampoos. If you think it can help and it is extra to you… it will be a wonderful gift to people who have so very little.

Groceries: We understand that most of this list you would not fly or drive down. But with a donation, it can be purchased here.

How to Help

If you don’t know Vicky, here is a brief history. I met Vicky through Bob Howell 9 years ago, as we took food and clothing up into the mountains. I will never forget that day. THE NEED. Together Bob, a retired Marine, and Vicky, a now retired Nurse born in Puebla, Mexico committed to help the poor and established a dispensary of needed goods. Everything from coloring books to medical equipment for the poor, poor communities in the local region… 27 COMMUNITIES IN TOTAL! She goes out on a schedule to these villages, and teaches everything from brushing your teeth to childbirth. But she needs the toothbrushes and diapers.

Their dream was to create many of these dispensaries throughout Nayarit and Mexico.

Life is the Life. Bob passed away of Cancer in 2007. Vicky wants to carry on, but she needs our help! Her dispensary, is dispensed. More donations of almost anything will help.

The airlines have limited us to some degree. But if from the list above you can BRING IT – of if YOU ARE DRIVING and can make it fit. I hope your heart will be as enriched as mine to contribute to this outreach that is so much needed. THANK YOU.

To learn more, visit Vicky’s Dispensary.

The young boy in the last two photos is Leonardo de Jesus (age 4), Vicky’s grandson (Brenda’s son). He is now 9 years old.

by Sarah Walker • Updated October 8, 2013 

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