Día de la Santa Cruz (Day of the Holy Cross) and La Cruz del Calvarioque es Bendito in Rincón de Guayabitos

Día de la Santa Cruz, or Day of the Holy Cross, is celebrated throughout Mexico on May 3 and dates back to colonial times. It is also known as the “Feast of Masons” or “Brickmason’s Day.” Construction workers decorate crosses with flowers and place them on buildings under construction. Some have picnics at the site followed by fireworks.

Here in Jaltemba Bay, there is an afternoon procession at La Cruz del Calvarioque es Bendito in Rincón de Guayabitos. This celebration is to thank all of the albañiles (masons), construction workers, electricians and plumbers in the area.

Pedro Guzman Sanchez, fondly known as “La Cotorra,” helps maintain the property. For him, this is a job of love. According to Sr. Guzman, the cross was constructed in 1986 and the stairs took five additional years to complete. It was built for the people with help from the community. The property is a beautifully maintained, serene and spiritual place. It is a temple and is intended for worship for the townspeople, not as a tourist attraction.

Author’s Note: We took these photos a few days ago. When we visited the property this morning to speak with Sr. Guzman, the cross was draped with a large white clothe and decorated with numerous large flower arrangements and candles, as well as watermelon slices as offerings in honor of the Día de la Santa Cruz and in preparation for today’s activities. We did not take any photos today out of respect for the worshipers.

While the signs clearly state that no cameras are allowed, we did get permission to take and publish the photos shown here.

The staircase has a total of 227 steps.

There are 14 numbered estaciónes (stations) along the way, each of which has a beautifully painted, tiled and illuminated nicho.

The view from the top is truly spectacular.

(left) The grand entrance. (right) La Cruz del Calvarioque es Bendito.

The sign at the entrance reads: “Show decorum and respect to the Cross of Calvary Sanctuary that is blessed, sacred and holy, and prohibits kissing, swimsuits, drugs, smoking, hats, dogs, running, alcohol, beer and no shirts.”

On the sign below it asks that visitors “Do not confuse this place as a tourist attraction or lookout point. Here is a temple of reflection, praise and prayers.” It also prohibits cameras and camcorders, and instead asks that visitors “dedicate a few minutes to our Father who is abandoned and forgotten about and needs our prayers.”

La Cruz del Calvarioque es Bendito is located on the very sound end of Rincón de Guayabitos above the Decameron Los Cocos Hotel (see our Map of Rincón de Guayabitos for exact location).

by Allyson Williams

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