Dia de la Independencia Celebration in Jaltemba Bay (Mexican Independence Day)

Independence Day (Dia de la Patria) is indisputably Mexico’s most important National Holiday. It celebrates the day that Father Miguel Hidalgo delivered El Grito de Dolores (The Cry of Dolores) and announced the Mexican revolt against Spanish rule. Independence celebrations take place starting at 11pm on September 15th, when the President of the Republic shouts the cry of “Viva Mexico” (long live Mexico) from the balcony of the National Palace – an event that is televised and broadcast on radio throughout the nation, as Mexicans cry back with “Viva” in an emotion-packed annual ritual. Smaller similar celebrations occur in cities and towns all over Mexico. The following day, September 16, is Independence Day in Mexico and is considered a patriotic holiday or fiesta patria. This day is marked by parades, patriotic programs, and drum, bugle and marching band competitions.

Jaltemba Bay will celebrate with mariachi, bands, folkloric ballet and more at the Fiesta de Independencia, which runs from Friday-Sunday, September 14-16 in La Peñita. Here is the schedule of events:

Friday, September 14
The event starts with the 1st Annual Festival Juvenil (youth festival) accompanied by a parade starting at 4pm, including floats by the Civic Committee of La Peñita, the Municipality of Compostela and Nayarit Fashion Models. There will also be a pop concert in the plaza; conferences targeting youth by distinguished lecturers and Municipal DIF INCOMJUVE Compostela; a gateway performance by the Class of 2012 Fashion Models; a fashion show featuring a sample of the designers of Compostela; and closing with a concert by DJ Coleman Valdez.

Saturday, September 15
There will be a parade at 5pm with all of the school students participating, with music afterwards.

Sunday, September 16
There will be one final “Viva Mexico” parade followed by music in the plaza.

Everyone is invited to join the festivities.

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