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We have an amazing team of dedicated volunteer writers and photographers who frequently share their personal stories, adventures and misadventures, day trips, interviews, local information and photos of the Jaltemba Bay and surrounding area.

Regular Contributors

Rob Erickson

Rob Erickson, his wife Heather and their rescue cat Mayo, spend half the year living on Vancouver Island, BC. and the other half in the Jaltemba Bay area of Mexico, where they enjoy the warm weather and slower pace of life. Now that Rob has finished building their new house in La Peñita, he can be found mountain biking around the area, volunteering at the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) spay and neuter clinics and relaxing in his Mexican-style hammock. Rob writes a wonderfully entertaining column entitled “Rob’s Ramblings.”

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Ken and Bea Rauch

Retirees Ken and Bea Rauch live in Cobourg, Ontario, and spend several months a year in La Peñita. They have been visiting the Jaltemba Bay area since 2004, and enjoy bird watching, exploring the area on foot, taking photographs and writing. They spend time watching sunrises and sunsets, enjoying Mexican cuisine and making footprints in the sand. When back in Canada, they continue to pursue their passion for writing, and photographing birds, butterflies and flowers in their gardens and in the surrounding countryside. The heart of any country is its people and Bea and Ken love to get to know local people. They have learned to embrace the Mexican culture, and enjoy the slow-paced energy of its people. They maintain that the Mexican sun is eclipsed only by the warmth of the Mexican people.

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Sarah Walker

Sarah J. Walker grew up on a farm in the central part of Ohio. Seldom in her life was she without the companionship of a cat or dog, or both. At present, her loyal guardians are a rescued Labrador, rescued Chiwiennie, 4 Chihuahuas and a rescued kitten, 7 in total… plus all the street fosters in nursing care and recovery waiting to be adopted into forever homes. In the 9 years she has lived in La Peñita, Mexico, Sarah has witnessed firsthand what love and care (often medical), can do to save the life of an abandoned, sick cat or dog. “To me, these animals can give the purest form of innocent love anyone can ever receive. But it does not come to you without your act of kindness.” Sarah is a dedicated Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) volunteer and enjoys sharing her animal rescue stories in her column entitled “Sarah’s Survivors.”

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Note: If you enjoy reading Sarah’s stories, she asks that you consider making a donation to Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) to help pay for food, medication and vet care for the animals they rescue and care for throughout the year.

Part-Time Contributors

Christina Stobbs

Christina Stobbs is a writer and photographer who lived for almost five years in Los Ayala, year round, with her husband Robert. As a photographer, she feels fortunate to have lived in an area so rich in flora and fauna, and abundant in natural beauty. She enjoys landscape and wildlife photography, and has a fondness for pelicans. To view her images including some fabulous pelicans see www.christinastobbsphotography.com. As a writer, she states that living in Mexico is perfect because each and every day is full of surprises. Christina continues to share in-depth and informational stories and photos of the area, as well as personal interviews under our “Meet Local Folks” category.

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Tosia Archer

Tosia Archer spends her winter living near El Tonino (a 20 minute drive north from La Peñita) along with her husband David and their Mexican adopted pets: dogs Agua Chili Bob and Momz, and their cat Blanca. They all travel south together by truck from Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada each fall and return there to work each spring. She enjoys photographing local wildlife and flowers, and then rendering what she has seen into watercolour art. She volunteers with JBAR and J.E.E.P. and is a member of the Guayabitos Artists Collective and Writers Who Love Mexico.

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John and Doreen Berg

We are golden age backpackers in our 70’s and have traveled extensively throughout the world. We come to Los Ayala every winter for three months enjoying the Mexican people and the warm waters of Jaltemba Bay and surrounding area. We first started coming to this area in 2002 and although we had been in Mexico many times before that we had never settled on one place until then. We like to explore new territory and to consider settling down for three months was beyond our imagination. At first we came for two weeks, returning to Canada and coming back to Los Ayala within the month. We just loved it! As the years went by we increased our time to three months. We haven’t extended it beyond this as we do love to explore other places in the world during fall and spring. Our goal is to provide viewers with travel information that will assist with travel planning. We place trip information in our articles to stimulate interest plus specific facts that readers can follow to duplicate our travels. Other travel related articles may be viewed on our blog: Golden Age Backbackers – Budget World Travel

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Brian Betts

Brian Betts is from Vancouver Island, BC. He enjoys spending the summer at Lake Cowichan with his wife Sharlene, and the winter months in Mexico and other warm locations. Brian is an aspiring writer and photographer that loves to explore off the beaten path whenever the opportunity arises. Having a unique experience with local Mexicans is what makes coming to this area so appealing. Since retirement, Brian and Sharlene try to live up to their motto, “Never live anywhere you can see your breath.”

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Dave Boroughs

Dave is a retired middle school teacher from Vancouver, Washington. Together with his wife, Lenore, he has been coming to Mexico the past 15 years, much of it to Jaltemba Bay with extensive summer travel in the colonial highlands north of Mexico City. To maintain focus after retirement, Dave renewed his interest in photography. Camera technology has changed significantly over the past 30 years, but the challenges of light and composition remain the same. Mexico is an amazing palette. 

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J. Jesús Carranza Diaz

Lic. Jesús Carranza Diaz is a native of Los Ayala in the municipality of Compostela. He is a lawyer, a professor at the Instituto de Estudios del Rey Nayar in the city of Tepic, Nayarit and a writer who has three published works to his credit, including one referring to the muse (Albina Moon) that inspired “The Sound of the Black Woman”, a popular song which identifies our country in the world and that was created by Nayaritas musicians, it began as a journalistic report. His books include “Tepic Through its Ejido,” “Tepic Through its History” and “Playa Los Ayala: Memorias de mi Pueblo” which is in its fourth release. Jesus has completed a series of investigations that will more than likely be issued soon to continue his prolific writing career. Undoubtedly Jesus is a lover of his land and its customs and traditions, and he shares his knowledge about the State of Nayarit in his column entitled “Viva Nayarit.”

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Wendy DeBoer

Wendy DeBoer, and her husband Chuck, reside in Guayabitos a portion of the year and the rest of the time they spend in their hometown of Kingston, Washington. 

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Tom Plattenberger

Tom Plattenberger and his partner Bruce are full-time residents of La Peñita. Tom founded Jaltemba Bay Folk in 2000 and retired from that pursuit in 2010. Art, design, photography, biking and writing are the blurry focus of Tom’s life of leisure. He sometimes escapes his cluttered home studio in his Jeep, exploring the backroads inland of Highway 200. 

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Staff Writers

David Thompson and Allyson Williams

David Thompson and Allyson Williams co-own and operate ExploreNayarit.com (formerly JaltembaBayLife.com, the Explore Nayarit blog, the Explore Nayarit newsletter and Jaltemba Bay Folk community forum. They started the Jaltemba Bay Life project in November 2010 to share the wealth of information they learned while living and vacationing here in the Jaltemba Bay area the past 20+ years – and more importantly, to share their incredible love for the area and its community. They were both born and raised in Minnesota, but they spend the majority of their time in sunny Rincón de Guayabitos, Mexico… enjoying the cool ocean breeze, sound of the surf and incredible variety of authentic Mexican food this area has to offer. They both work full-time on this project, but are “working” on spending more time with their friends, neighbors, family members who come visit (but never for long enough) and their two beloved Mexican rescue dogs, Taco and Panchito.

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